Top 25 Crossroad Press Audiobooks 2020

Top 25 Crossroad Press Audiobooks 2020

Below are the top 25 selling audiobooks (out of over 850) from Crossroad Press. We are grateful to our authors, narrators, and most of all to the listeners who bought and enjoyed these amazing productions:

  1. Journeys Out of the Body – Robert A. Monroe – Narrated by Kevin Pierce
  2. Weaveworld – Clive Barker – Narrated by Simon Vance
  1. Imajica – Clive Barker – Narrated by Simon Vance
  2. The Books of Blood – Volume 1 – Narrated by Simon Vance, Dick Hill, Peter Berkrot, Jeffrey Kafer, Chet Williamson, Chris Patton
  3. The Hellbound Heart – Clive Barker – Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer
  4. The Thief of Always – Clive Barker – Narrated by Adam Verner
  5. The Great & Secret Show – Clive Barker – Narrated by Chet Williamson
  6. Ultimate Journey – Robert A. Monroe – Narrated by Kevin Pierce
  7. Far Journeys – Robert A. Monroe – Narrated by Kevin Pierce
  8. The Rules of Supervillainy – C. T. Phipps – Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer
  9. The Future of Supervillainy – C. T. Phipps – Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer
  10. Necroscope V: Deadspawn – Brian Lumley – Narrated by Michael Troughton
  11. The Hellbound Heart – (abridged) – Clive Barker – Narrated by Clive Barker
  12. Necroscope IV: Deadspeak – Brian Lumley – Narrated by Michael Troughton
  13. The Books of Blood – Volume 2 – Narrated by Hillary Huber, John Lee, Peter Berkrot, Chris Patton, Peter Bishop, Jeffrey Kafer
  14. Haggopian and Other Stories: A Cthulhu Mythos Collection – Brian Lumley – Narrated by Joshua Saxon
  15. Cabal – Clive Barker – Narrated by Chet Williamson
  16. The Education of Little Tree – Forrest Carter – Narrated by Johnny Heller
  17. The Games of Supervillainy – C. T. Phipps – Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer
  18. The Last Christmas – A Reairman Jack Novel – F. Paul Wilson – Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer
  19. The Cipher – Kathe Koja – Narrated by Joshua Saxon
  20. The Books of Blood Volume 3 – Clive Barker – Narrated by Scott Brick, Xe Sands, Jeffrey Kafer, Peter Bishop, Chris Patton
  21. The Rising – Brian Keene – Narrated by Joe Hempel
  22. The Damnation Game – Clive Barker – Narrated by Simon Vance
  23. The Tournament of Supervillainy – C. T. Phipps – Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer

Crossroad Press Originals

Crossroad Press Originals

We’ve been striving to add quality original novels, anthologies, collections and non-fiction to our catalog along with our continuing effort to bring out-of-print books back to a new readership. Below are twelve books we published during 2020 that you should really check out.

A WALK DOWN ABBEY ROAD – by Denny Somach – This book is a celebration of the impact and influence the Beatles have had on their generation and the one that followed, on both sides of the Atlantic. It contains interviews with major recording stars including the Rolling Stones, Sting, Billy Joel, Eagles, Steven Tyler, Brian Wilson, Jimmy Page, Elton John, DavidBowie and others who were witness to history. A Walk Down Abbey Road also contains interviews with the four Beatles.

SIGNALZ – An Adversary Novel – by F. Paul Wilson – The Change is coming and the world as we know it is ending. Sixteen-year-old Ellie has changed. She looks the same but her mother detects someone else looking out through her blue eyes. Ellie builds a “shelter” in her room with an entrance that leads…elsewhere. And what of the convoy of tractor trailers Hari Tate watches drive up a mountain road and return without the trailers…leaving nothing on the mountain. What are they shipping? And the writer who finds a hole in the floor of his NYC apartment and tumbles through into… elsewhere. They will all find each other and find their answers in the electromagnetic pulses piercing the Earth from Out There, pulses that no one should hear, but some do. But they are not simply pulses. They are SIGNALZ.

AS AN OLD MEMORY – by Vick Kerry – The 1956 Homecoming Massacre shook the residents of Pinehurst to their very core, and it left survivor, Charlotte McAdams, broken for life. Forty years later, the McAdams family have become the victims of many strange happenings that seem to revolve around the fateful night of the massacre. As the anniversary draws nearer, so does the rope around the family threatening to destroy them all.

EDEN’S WAY – by Duncan McGeary –

Lieutenant Silas McKinley and his squad are stunned to discover the two women in middle of the Stasis, but their encounter is quickly overshadowed by the area’s deadly rejection of their presence. They must find a way out.

With nature itself rising up against them, Shani and Silas—two people from vastly different worlds—will have to find common ground if anyone is to survive.

TIME LOOPERS – by David Hambling, Byron Craft, John DeLaughter and Matt Davenport –

Get rich. Wield incredible power. Get revenge. But avoid paradox, or get erased from the timestream so you never existed. Time travel offer endless possibilities and limitless dangers. What would you do if you could go back and relive your past? What if others could too? Who polices time? How do you win a time war? Four stories by four veteran SF Authors.

MURDER OLD AND NEW – a Better Days Mystery by Laurie and Chet Williamson – An aged photograph of a dead man hanging from a tree… Deaths in a nursing home that may not be as natural as they appear… Clues showing a 70-year-old suicide could be murder… Sinister small town secrets, decades old, finally revealed… Feisty Livy Crowe, single-and-loving-it owner of the nostalgia shop, Better Days, has to deal with all of these and more, including her mother’s slow deterioration in a senior residence that might be a crime scene, a very awkward romantic triangle, and murders old and new that threaten even Livy herself…

STAR QUEST: ALL THAT REMAINS – by Patricia Lee Macomber – When Captain Hunter and the crew of the Endeavor come across an alien ship, they have no idea what caused the deaths of its entire crew. Could they be infected with some unknown virus? Or did they simply all go mad and kill each other? Once Dr. Klein rules out infection, it seems like they’re in the clear. Until, that is, some strange phenomenon invades the ship. Suddenly, crew members are acting strangely and the ship’s course keeps changing against orders. To make matters worse, Commander Bishop and Captain Hunter port down to the aliens’ home world to investigate, and end up imprisoned. Now, it’s up to the rest of the crew to free them and save the ship…and themselves.

WITCHES – by Dan Foley – Jesse Prentiss was the last of her coven and the dead were coming. She was too old, too tired and too sick to deal with them alone. In an act of desperation, she sent a drop of her blood into the world in hopes of summoning someone to stand by her in the coming battle with the dead. Can Eileen Ray, a twenty-two-year-old novice, be the one she needs? Together, they will need to contend with a black witch, summoned hell spawn and Eileen’s doubts about her own abilities to defeat the coming of the dead.

PSYCHO KILLERS IN LOVE – by C. T. Phipps – What if all the villains of slasher movies were real? What if the movies made about them were just adaptations of real-life killers with supernatural powers? This is a fact known to William and Carrie because their father, Billy the Undying, was one of the worst slashers of all time. So much so that they’ve spent the past decade in an asylum out of fear they’d end up just like him. Escaping, the two have decided to form a new life on the road. Except, a chance encounter in a dingy diner introduces William to the girl of his dreams. Too bad she’s a girl on a mission to kill all slashers. But maybe the best way to catch a supernatural serial killer is with another pair of them. Enjoy this exciting prequel to the United States of Monsters books!

HOTEL DESTINY: A Ghost Noir – by Raymond Benson – WHAT IF YOU, AS A GHOST, HAD TO SOLVE YOUR OWN MURDER? From internationally acclaimed and New York Times best-selling author Raymond Benson comes a novel that is a ghost story with a distinctive noir sensibility mixed with David Lynchian surrealism. The year is 1985. Manhattan’s Times Square area is sleazy, and the streets are full of what Coleman Sackler calls “New York Street Skunk.” Cole is the night manager and self-proclaimed hotel detective for the transient Hotel Destiny, which has been plagued with scandals over the century, including several murders, gangster occupation and ownership, and fleabag status during the 1960s and 70s. Five recent slayings in the building have been attributed to—the police believe—one killer. During the gala grand re-opening Halloween party, Cole Sackler himself is murdered by a masked man. But hold on! Cole “awakes” and is still in the hotel—as a ghost. Prior to his death, a mysterious woman had told him that hidden portals located throughout the building can lead one to other time periods, and that the key to Cole’s destiny is in the hotel’s past and embedded in its many secrets. Thus, Cole’s spirit sets out to solve his own murder by dropping in on living characters throughout Hotel Destiny’s history and observing and/or interacting with them. His goal is to discover the identity of his killer, as well as learn the ironic truth about his own family, his heritage, and himself!

BLUE HILL – by G. Wayne Miller – Mark Gray had it all together. Until he didn’t. Remarkably creative, successful in business, Gray was a husband, father and son of an elderly clergyman—and a superhero in the online and gaming worlds. Until one night in New York City, when it seems he was responsible for the death of a mysterious woman. Suddenly one of America’s Most Wanted criminals, Gray went on the run—taking a journey back in time and place, where he discovered a long-buried secret. Blue Hill is a story of mystery, memory, faith, forgiveness, and acceptance—a story of lies and truths, of what is real and what is fleeting. Set in 1997, Blue Hill also is a fictional chronicle of an epochal real time: the dawning of the Internet Age, when the culture churned and the world was entering a virtual other-existence. Chat rooms. AOL. Dial-up. Floppy discs. Files measured in kilobytes. The dot-com boom. PlayStation. Nintendo. Super Mario 64. Remember? Here we are today, the fruits of our labor realized, so to speak, with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, disinformation, viral conspiracy theories, deep-fake videos, etcetera. A new world has arrived, and the real-life artifacts in this novel are its roots. Part thriller, part fantasy and farce, Blue Hill is mostly a novel about who and what matter most in this short life.

SWEET DREAMS ARE MADE OF TEETH – by Richard Roberts – Have you ever had the nightmare of being chased by a beast? Then you’ve met Fang. He’ll be the first to admit that he’s a very simple nightmare. All he knows is hunting your dreams and dragging them into the Dark. He’s not ready for his life to get complicated. He’s not ready to be dragged into his best friend’s schemes to make dreams so terrifying they break people. He’s not ready to love, or to be loved, or to meet someone who makes him happy. He’s definitely not ready for those to be three different girls. He’s not ready to grow up. When he does, one thing will stay the same. He’ll stay an artist, and he’ll paint your dreams with fear until they’re beautiful.


Tree Face and the Cripple is a story of survival against the odds and an awkward, unlikely friendship based on profound misunderstandings. It is both a high-action suspense thriller with a shattering climax, and a spiritual journey for Sam from bitter, defeated, spoilt, rich kid, into someone altogether stronger. Well, it could be, if Sam lives that long.

FOOL’S RUN – by Sidney Williams – Si Reardon knows nobody wants to hire an ex-cop fresh out of prison unless it’s for a job nobody wants. His only offer’s from Rose Cantor, an elegant and beautiful “special counsel” who just wants him to take a meeting. Her clients Grace and Adam Holst are asking for extreme justice. A very bad man named Valentine Alexeeva, a criminal on the rise, once ordered the deaths of their young daughters over a business deal gone wrong. Alexeeva covered his tracks well. Now he’s still deadly but cultivating a classy façade and making friends in high places. Si would like to say no, but he has a daughter of his own who’s in danger, and he needs money fast. Dealing with Alexeeva means jeopardizing everything and drawing on contacts Si met in lockup plus The McCluskeys, a pair of weird, bayou-dwelling brothers with a few nefarious enterprises of their own. And Si knows no job is ever as simple as it looks. He soon finds himself embroiled in a game with Alexeeva and his brutal minions, a game that could earn Si a bit of redemption or cost him his freedom or his life.

THE HALLOWEEN STORE and Other Tales of All Hallows’ Eve – by Ronald Kelly – When you first enter The Halloween Store, things seem normal. Fun and frightful decorations, ghastly costumes and masks of the season, and bags of candy galore. Then, as you travel farther into its shadowy depths, things begin to change. The air smells of damp autumn leaves and candle-scorched pumpkin. The shelves of All Hallows’ Eve fare grow darker and more disturbing. Strange and unsettling things of Halloweens past and present lurk amid the cobwebs and dust…

SEASON’S CREEPINGS: Tales of Holiday Horror – by Ronald Kelly – O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree… what lurks among thy branches… Christmas can be the most wonderful time of the year. Candy canes and hot cocoa. Snowmen and sleigh rides. The love and hope that the Nativity brings. Cold milk and warm cookies for Santa. Family, friends, and the cheerful laughter of children. But, beneath the festive wrapping paper and the gleam and glitter of the lights and tinsel, things less jubilant may lie in wait. The holiday season can bring love, peace, and benevolence… but it may also spawn a darkness lurking amid the shadowy boughs of the Christmas tree, ornaments that should have never seen the light of day, let along hung on festive branches, and bones that jingle and dance, in search of Santa’s crimson suit… and the flesh that resides within. In this collection of harrowing holiday tales, Ronald Kelly leaves ten frightful and horrific gifts in the Christmas stockings that hang from the mantle of your cheerful fireplace. Ghastly and gruesome presents that slowly unwrap and burst into life while you are tucked, snug and warm, in your bed and take on nightmarish form in the icy winter hours of Christmas Eve, turning comfort and joy into terror and dread.

Crossroad Press Preorders

Crossroad Press Preorders

It’s been a trying year. People have been locked in, masked up, worried for family and friends… but some have remained productive. This year we at Crossroad Press have released twenty-five Crossroad Press originals across several genres. We are reaching more readers, some libraries, some book stores… here are the originals for 2020 (so far) . Some are still on pre-order, and I hope you’ll consider ordering them ahead of time. Every pre-order counts as a sale on release day – and when a book releases with a higher ranking, it is more visible to the world at large. We also very much appreciate reviews. These are the titles currently available for pre-order. Note that Tuxedo Junction will go live on Monday. This collection from Thom Carnell got a wonderful review in Publisher’s Weekly and would make a great last minute Christmas present…

TUXEDO JUNCTION – by Thom Carnell – Pre-order before 12/15/2020: This is is the third short story collection from FANGORIA / DREAD CENTRAL veteran writer Thom Carnell. Thom’s fiction has been featured in CARPE NOCTEM MAGAZINE, SWANK MAGAZINE, in his novels NO FLESH SHALL BE SPARED and NO FLESH SHALL BE SPARED: DON’T LOOK BACK, and in the short story collections MOONLIGHT SERENADES and A STRING OF PEARLS.

ALIBI – by John McCarty – Pre-order before 1/12/2021 : When Koll falls under suspicion of murder, all the evidence seems against him. Fortunately he has an airtight alibi – until suddenly he doesn’t. As the police gather evidence for an arrest, it falls on Koll to clear himself – to find out who has set him up, and why?

FLIGHT OF THE PAWNEE – by Marc Liebman – Pre-order before 1/12/2021 : Why would al-Qaeda, the Mexican Brotherhood and the Sinaloa cartel work together?” This is the question Derek Almer starts asking his contact at the CIA in the summer of 2015. …Derek risks all as he pursues al-Rashid in an attempt to prevent the attack that, if successful, could kill more than al Qaeda’s original goal of 10,000.

THE PRESIDENT’S DOCTOR – by Bestselling author David Shobin – Preorder by 1/19/2021 : Admiral John Townsend, the White House physician. Dark forces were at work behind the scenes, intent on unseating the president—by any means possible. Is Townsend up to the job of stopping them, or will his deep-seated fears result in national tragedy?

THE SCREAMING DEAD – by Peter Mark May and Richard Farren Barber – Preorder by 2/9/2021 : Death isn’t always the end or the answer. Sam thought his suicide would be the end of his suffering, but he was wrong, as he wakes up in a never-ending graveyard. He soon realises he has an opportunity to be reunited with his departed twin brother, Paul. Yet they must cross through the many planes of the afterlife to find each other. They will need to escape the hordes of the dead, survive forests where burning corpses are nailed to trees, and navigate the feuds and machinations of the people who promise to help them along the way.

FABULOUS IN TIGHTS – Adventures of the Whirlwind Book #1 – by Hal Bodner – Preorder by 3/2/2021 : By day, Alec is the owner of a successful male escort service, living an idyllic life with a husband he adores. By night, Alec is the only man strong enough, fast enough, and svelte enough to reluctantly squeeze into the skintight turquoise mantle of the superhero known as the Whirlwind. No matter how many supervillains choose Centerport to kick-off their crazy schemes of mass destruction and world domination, the Whirlwind will always be there to defeat them. And he will always look fabulous in tights!

VENGEANCE OF BOON – A Boon Angchuan Adventure – by Ed Kurtz – Preorder by 4/6/2021 : t’s been a decade since Boonsri Angchuan and Edward Splettstoesser parted ways in California at the bloody end of her original vengeance trail. Now, she finds herself in the middle of a South American war with a new partner to tell the tale, a young Mexican woman named Lily Contreras with a dark past and more than a little blood on her own hands.

VOICES IN THE DARKNESS – Edited by David Niall Wilson – Fiction by Nadia Bulkin, Kathe Koja, Elizabeth Massie, Nick Mamatas, Cassandra Khaw and Brian A. Hopkins – Preorder by 4/13/2021 – Sometimes the world is a very dark place. You know the magic is still out there, but it feels distant, or displaced. Voices in the Darkness is an attempt to create a link, to bring some of those voices together in a single work of art. Six award-winning authors lent their talent to this work. The stories are unique, and dark, filled with wonder and emotion.

New Audio From Crossroad Press

New Audio From Crossroad Press

2020 has been… interesting. This newsletter has been one of the things neglected, and I apologize for that. Believe me, it does not mean we have not been busy. I’m breaking audio off into this separate post. There will be a post about Crossroad Press Originals – and another about eBooks. I hope you are all safe, well, and ready to read.

Possibly our biggest news is that the unabridged Audiobook The Last Temptation of Christ, by Nikos Kazantzakis – performed by Joshua Saxon – is live and available. It’s a 22 hour monster of an audiobook, brilliantly narrated… the story of how we got the rights to this book is an amazing one, but there is no time for that here…

The Ten newest audiobook titles are:

Bloodwars (Necroscope Book 8) – by Brian Lumley – Narrated by Joshua Saxon

Alibi – by John McCarty – Narrated by James Romick

Exquisite Corpse – by Poppy Z. Brite – Narrated by Joshua Saxon

Murder Most Fowl – Dan Rhodes Mysteries by Bill Crider, Book #7 – Narrated by Chris Abell

Sweet Dreams are Made of Teeth – by Richard Roberts, Narrated by Henry Hanson

The Halloween House & Other Tales of All Hallows’ Eve – by Ronald Kelly – Narrated by J. Rodney Turner

The Hinterlands – by Karen Mercury – Narrated by Cynthia Hemminger

Fool’s Run – by Sidney Williams – Narrated by Josh Brogadir

Dead Lines – by John Skipp & Craid Spector – Narrated by Seylan Baxter

Snowglobe – by Aaron Gudmunson – Narrated by Shawn Compton

If you are an Audible member, and you choose the “Advanced Search” link, you can find all 800 plus Crossroad Press Audiobooks and sort them by newest, best-selling, and several other methods. I hope you’ll find something there to love.



New Titles available in print, eBook and Audio Editions from Crossroad Press

We have been busy this summer with a steady flow of Crossroad Press Original titles – New Print Editions, New eBooks and Audio. Here are some of the Newest available. One other note… We have five Pre-order titles with galleys available to read through the end of July on NETGALLEY. You can find them at THIS LINK – the titles include As an Old Memory by Vic Kerry, Psycho Killers in Love by C. T. Phipps, Hotel Destiny by Raymond Benson, Eden’s Return by Duncan McGeary and Star Quest: All that Remains by Patricia Lee Macomber. If you read them at Netgalley for free, please take the time to leave reviews and feedback. Several also have Audio previews from the upcoming audiobooks. The Below titles are embedded “Look Inside” widgets from, so you can read a little of each before you GO BUY BOOKS … and stay safe.

in eBook, Trade Paperback and Unabridged Audio
Available in Hardcover, Trade Paperback, eBook and Unabridged Audio
Available in eBook and Trade Paperback
Available in eBook and Trade Paperback
Available in eBook and Trade paperback – coming soon to Unabridged Audio
Available in eBook and Trade Paperback – Parental Warning – Gay Erotica – Also i unabridged Audio…
Available in eBook and Trade Paperback
The Complete First Two Novels! Available in eBook and Trade Paperback
10 Summer Releases: Pre-order Now!

10 Summer Releases: Pre-order Now!

We’ve been busy since the spring getting brand new Crossroad Original titles ready for you. We’ve had our Covid-19 challenges (mostly the day jobs eating up extra time) but the wheels are still turning. Several of these books have already gotten great reviews in Publisher’s Weekly and many have audiobooks on pre-order as well. Here they are in order of release! The Second star – 1 July, 2020; Signalz – 7 July, 2020; Eden’s Return – 20 July, 2020; Star Quest: All That Remains – 31 July; As an Old Memory – 4 August, 2020, Murder Old and New – 18 August, 2020; Psycho Killers in Love – 25 August, 2020; Witches – 25 August, 2020, Hotel Destiny – 15 September, 2020 and Blue Hill – 6 October, 2020. Get your orders in and be among the first to enjoy these wonderful new books.

Don’t Miss out on Free Audiobooks!

Don’t Miss out on Free Audiobooks!

There is a site where we are offering a great number of free audiobook download codes – aptly named “” – run by Narrator and Sound Engineer extraordinaire – Jeffrey Kafer. Right now you can get US and UK Audible download codes for a ton of Crossroad Press books, with more coming. We are hoping you’ll take a chance on audio (a free chance – did I say that?) and that you’ll take the time at the end to leave, if not a review, at least a rating for the author and narrator. We are literally fighting against the “machine” in trying to market audiobooks… the market has always been owned by an elite group of publishers and marketed by elite trade periodicals no one can afford to subscribe to, or advertise in, without big corporate money. Here is your chance to hear some amazing books – and support our authors and narrators. Here are some titles with codes available right now:

Blue Devil Island – Stephen Mark Rainey – Narrated by Joshua Saxon
Ancient Eyes – David Niall Wilson – Narrated by John Lee
The Deceased – Tom Piccirilli – Narrated by J. Scott Bennett
Dawn’s Bright Talons – Nerine Dorman – Narrated by Greg Patmore
Zombie a Love Story – Patricia Lee Macomber – Narrated by Chet Williamson
Laughing Boy’s Shadow – Steven Savile – Narrated by Peter Bishop
Phantom Nights – John Farris – Narrated by Frank J. Cabanski
Etched Deep – David Niall Wilson – Narrated by Al Dano
Sleepwalker – Michael Laimo – Narrated by Steven Roy Grimsley
Strange Seed – T. M. Wright – Narrated by Bob Walter
The Monarchs – Stephen Mark Rainey – Narrated by Chet Williamson
Bumper Crop – Joe R. Lansdale – Narrated by Wyntner Woody
Hell Hollow – Ronald Kelly – Narrated by J. Rodney Turner
Toybox – Al Sarrantonio – Narrated by Al Dano
Dark Dixie – Ronald Kelly – Narrated by Coleman Ford
The Nebulon Horror – Hugh B. Cave – Narrated by Andy Bender
Moonbane – Al Sarrantonio – Narrated by Kevin Readdean
Sineater – Elizabeth Massie – Narrated by Joe Geoffrey
Within – Keith Deininger – Narrated by Michael Robbins
Nightjack – Tom Piccirilli – Narrated by Chet Williamson
Second Soul – Thomas Sullivan – Narrated by Nick Sullivan
Don’t Clean the Aquarium! – Jeffrey Osier – Narrated by John Lee
Dark Ride – Michael Laimo – Narrated by Chris Patton
The Light at the End – John Skipp & Craig Spector – Narrated by Chet Williamson
Judas Goat – Greg F. Gifune – Narrated by Fred Filbrich
Maelstrom – David Niall Wilson – Narrated by Eric G. Dove
The Trouble With Hairy – Hal Bodner – Narrated by Kitty Hendrix

Top 25 Trade Paperbacks from Crossroad Press for 2019

Top 25 Trade Paperbacks from Crossroad Press for 2019

Last, but not least, we have our top-selling paperbacks for 2019. We don’t have a lot of hardcovers, so we’re skipping that this year, but paperbacks we’ve got. I have to say, for all the “I hate digital, I only like the feel of paper, will it be coming out in print? I only buy print books” comments that I find it odd how few print books actually do well.  I can tell you without doubt that – had sales already been reported on F. Paul Wilson’s The Last Christmas, it would have been topping this list, and on all of our top 25 lists, so next year I suspect will be the year of Repairman Jack… I’m happy to present a very diverse list here of the top 25 Trade Paperback titles for Crossroad Press in 2019!

Trumped!: The Inside Story of the Real Donald Trump-His Cunning Rise and Spectacular Fall by Jack R. O’Donnell & James Rutherford

Creating Christ: How Roman Emperors Invented Christianity by James S. Valliant & Warren Fahy

SARGE!: Cases of a Chicago Police Detective Sergeant in the 1960s, ’70s, and ’80s –by John DiMaggio

High in the Mid-’60s: How to Have a Fabulous Life in Music without Being Famous by Rick Levy

The Stargate Chronicles by Joseph W. McMoneagle

Clan Novel Toreador: Book 1 of the Clan Novel Saga by Stewart Wieck

The Ultimate Time Machine by Joseph W. McMoneagle

The Paris Book: A Novel About Hemingway’s Last Book by Robert Risch

Mind Trek by Joseph W. McMoneagle

Cosmic Journeys by Rosalind McKnight

Soul Journeys: My Guided Tours Through the Afterlife by Rosalind McKnight

Vermont’s Haunts by Joseph A. Citro

Road to Gold: A Sweetwater Sullivan Naval Aviation Adventure by William H. Labarge

Fear the Reaper by David Simms

The Tournament of Supervillainy C. T. Phipps

Survivor’s Game by David Karmi

Closing Time and Other Stories by Jack Ketchum

Clan Novel Tzimisce  by Eric Griffin

Tales of the Al-Azif – Edited by Matthew Davenport & C. T. Phipps

ESP Wars East & West  by Victor Rubel, Joseph W. McMoneagle and Lloyd Aurbach

The Light at the End by John Skipp & Craig Spector

Lightning Strikes Twice by William H. Labarge

The Green and the Black  by Willie Meikle

Deadfall Ridge  by Duncan McGeary

Stranglehold  by Jack Ketchum

Top 25 Crossroad Press Audiobooks for 2019

Top 25 Crossroad Press Audiobooks for 2019

I have a particular love for audiobooks. We started out with very little knowledge and a lot of ambition. Without Jeffrey Kafer, who has acted as narrator, sound engineer, sometimes cover creator and technical adviser for audio, we’d never have gotten this far. Without the wonderful folks at ACX and all the help they’ve offered over the years we would also not be here. We’ve sold more than a quarter of a million audiobooks, and are approaching our 700th completed audiobook through ACX and Audible. Here is a list of the top 25 bestselling audiobooks for 2019:

Weaveworld by Clive Barker – Narrated by Simon Vance

The Rules of Supervillainy by C. T. Phipps – Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer

The Tournament of Supervillainy by C. T. Phipps – Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer

Journeys Out of the Body by Robert Monroe – Narrated by Kevin Pierce

Imajica by Clive Barker – Narrated by Simon Vance

The Games of Supervillainy by C. T. Phipps – Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer

The Future of Supervillainy by C. T. Phipps – Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer

The Books of Blood, Volume 1 by Clive Barker, Narrated by Simon Vance, Dick Hill, Peter Berkrot, Jeffrey Kafer, Chet Williamson, Chris Patton

Necroscope IV: Deadspeak – by Brian Lumley – Narrated by Michael Troughton

The Hellbound Heart by Clive Barker – Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer

The Secrets of Supervillainy by C. T. Phipps – Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer

Ultimate Journey by Robert Monroe – Narrated by Kevin Pierce

The Great & Secret Show by Clive Barker – Narrated by Chet Williamson

Far Journeys by Robert Monroe – Narrated by Kevin Pierce

The Thief of Always by Clive Barker – Narrated by Adam Verner

The Science of Supervillainy by C. T. Phipps – Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer

Dying to Get Married: The Courtship and Murder of Julie Miller Bulloch by Ellen Harris – Narrated by Lee Ann Howlett

The Education of Little Tree by Forrest Carter – Narrated by Johnny Heller

The Hellbound Heart: Abridged Edition by Clive Barker – Narrated by the author

Cabal by Clive Barker – Narrated by Chet Williamson

The Damnation Game by Clive Barker – Narrated by Simon Vance

Undertaker’s Moon by Ronald Kelly – Narrated by J. Rodney Turner

The Books of Blood, Vol 2 by Clive Barker – Narrated by : Hillary Huber, John Lee, Peter Berkrot, Chris Patton, Peter Bishop, Jeffrey Kafer

Straight Outta Fangton: A Comedic Vampire Story by C. T. Phipps – Narrated by Cary Hite

Cthulhu Armageddon – by C. T. Phipps – Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer

Top 25 Crossroad Press eBooks for 2019

Top 25 Crossroad Press eBooks for 2019

Every year we try to give a shout-out to the books and authors who performed the best over the past year, and 2019 will be no exception. Keep in mind that some of the top books were fortunate enough to receive a leg up from Bookbub promotions, and that can make a significant difference. In fact, if you want to support authors, one of the best, simplest, and least obtrusive ways to do that is to follow them on Bookbub. You will only be notified if that author has a new book come out, or a Bookbub “deal” but a large number of followers allows them to take advantage of promotions they would otherwise be ineligible for. Reviews are also important – not long, book-report like reviews, but a line or two and some stars to help qualify them for the higher-end promotions.  That is the end of my “help our authors” note—here is the list of the top 25 eBooks from Crossroad Press for 2019:

Voyage of the Devilfish—by Michael DiMercurio

Weaveworld—by Clive Barker

“Please … Don’t Kill Me”: The True Story of the Milo Murder—by William C. Dear & Carlton Stowers

Hannahwhere—by John McIlveen

Caspion and the White Buffalo—by Melvin Litton

Straight Outta Fangton—C. T. Phipps

Deadfall Ridge—by Duncan McGeary

Vertical Dive—Michael DiMercurio

Trumped! The Inside Story of the Real Donald Trump—His Cunning Rise and Spectacular Fall—Jack R. O’Donnell & James Rutherford

The Rising Dead—by Devan Sagliani

Heart of a Dragon—by David Niall Wilson

The Books of Blood, Vol 1—by Clive Barker

Attack of the Seawolf—by Michael DiMercurio

Phoenix Sub Zero—by Michael DiMercurio

The DeChance Chronicles Omnibus—by David Niall WIlson

Barracuda Final Bearing—by Michael DiMercurio

The Rules of Supervillainy—by C. T. Phipps

Without Mercy: Obsession and Murder Under the Influence—by Gary Provost

Piranha Firing Point—by Michael DiMercurio

Cabal—by Clive Barker

Emergency Deep—by Michael DiMercurio

Threat Vector—by Michael DiMercurio

Warday—by Whitley Strieber & James Kunetka

Terminal Run—by Michael DiMercurio

Mercury’s Son—by Luke Hindmarsh