October, like most months, has been a busy one at Crossroad Press. We have a lot of new titles available in eBook, Audiobook and Print – as well as a number of pre-orders. It is always hard to cram it all into a newsletter, but I’ll do my best. First, I want to add a couple of more personal notes of interest. There is a new publisher, Short Wave Publishing, brain-child of author / filmmaker / Publisher Alan Alan Lastufka. This site now includes an online magazine with paid content (Not currently open to submissions) and there are some top-notch stories available. The reason this is notable to Crossroad Press readers is that there is a series of three articles by myself also live on the site, covering the history of independent publishing from the late 1980s until now. It fits in well with the posts here on the history of Crossroad Press.

The second personal note is that my daughter, and Crossroad Press author, Katie “Icarus” Wilson is in the semi-finals of the “NEW FACE OF HORROR” – the winner of which will get a photo shoot with Shane Hodder in Fangoria, a walk on part in a horror movie and $13,000. Voting is free, once a day. Would love to see her representing Crossroad Press as the winner.

On to the books. These are the titles we currently have up for pre-order. SLIP by Michael Pogach, goes live on the first of November, but there is still time to pre-order. If you are a newsletter subcriber, or have found this post and read this far – you can get a free copy of any book on this page in eBook or audio book formats. Just send a note to crossroad@crossroadpress.com with the code HALLOWEEN in the subject line and your preferred title and format.

The following books became available during October. Some already have print editions. In the case of Ray Garton the cover link will take you to his series pages, where you can browse all of his titles on the Horror of Ray Garton page. We have these for several classic authors and should add Edward Lee soon. We have everything from new age titles from Trish and Rob MacGregor, to classic horror, westerns, and dark fantasy this month!

We have plenty of new AUDIOBOOKS for your listening pleasure this month as well. Horror, and cozy mysteries, dark urban fantasy. Something for everyone.

One more title I want to mention. This would have been in audiobooks, but the final versions of two in this series also went live this month. I wanted to mention Deborah Morgan’s ANTIQUE LOVERS MYSTERIES. We have created a boxed set of the first three volumes in the series, both in eBook and in Audio. The audio is not live, but should be by tomorrow. These are very popular novels by an award-winning, Bestselling author and very much worth checking out if you like a Cozy Mystery.

Available now in EBOOK Available soon in unabridged audio, narrated by Samuel E. Hoke. Here’s a bit from the description of Book 1: Since Jeff Talbot left the FBI, he’s been investigating yard sales as a professional antiques picker. From furniture to books, from old clothes to broken toys, nothing escapes his keen eye for appraisal. But there is one item that he always keeps his knowing eyes particularly peeled to find: a one-of-a-kind French cabaret set commissioned by Napoleon for his love, Josephine. It is an item any collector would kill for… – ENJOY ALL FIVE VOLUMES!

REMEMBER – you can request review copies of any of our titles through the REVIEW TAB at the top of our page. We try to update what is listed there to include the pre-orders, but all of the books and authors need legitimate reviewers – so don’t hesitate to to ask. Not all titles will be available in all formats, but we have download codes for audiobooks, and eBooks are generally available.

Until next time, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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