We have eBook, print, and audiobook arcs for reviewers. We provide these free of charge, but we do request some information on where you review, your e-mail address, etc. We won’t continue to pump out free books to those who never actually review the titles they receive. We also request that if you simply hate something, rather than trashing the author online, you contact us. If there is a way to fix the problem you have with a title, we will do what we can. If not, your opinion is (or course) yours. Honest reviews are what enable the creation of good books. Please use the form below to tell us what title and what format you are interested in of those offered. If you ask for a trade paperback, please fill in the address portion, and be aware, these are available in limited quantities. Preference will be given to larger review sites for physical copies. If there are other books not listed that you would be interested in reviewing, let us know.

The Mind Worms – Nicholas Kaufmann – All eBook formats

The Mirror of Eternity – Garrett Boatman – All eBook formats

Hospice – Rick Jones – All eBook formats

Little Bones – David Baillie – All eBook formats

Please Don’t Tell My Parents I Saved the World Again – Richard Roberts – All eBook formats

When at Last I Find You – Aaron Gudmunson – All eBook formats

Missed Connection – Michael Laimo – All eBook formats

Uncle Vincent’s House – Steven Beai – All eBook formats