Finally found part of a day to work on rebuilding our web presence. There is now a page where you can see titles we currently have review arcs for. Not going to give everyone a free book, of course, but if you will honestly review our titles, particularly if you have a platform with reach, we have you covered. If you will review on Amazon, Goodreads, B&N, Apple, etc… we have you covered. The titles in the image above all have review arcs available.

I have also added the Authors page. I had to split it up by alphabetical groups. All 499 of the currently published authors have a page, but they are just blank stubs at the moment. We have yet to figure out what content we’ll include on them, and how we’ll get that posted. 499, as you can see, is a BIG NUMBER. We have a very small group of people publishing, formatting, designing, and editing books… so if you are someone who knows WordPress and feel like lending a hand (free books can be had) let me know.

For now… I just wanted to get the under construction post off the top of the blog.

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