New Releases for March 2023

Here are the new releases from Crossroad Press for March 2023. Unless noted otherwise, you can purchase any of them at Amazon, B&N, Apple, Google Play, Smashwords, or Kobo.

Cannibal Corpse, M/C

by Tim Curran


Here, bioengineered Corpse Worms rain from the blood-streaked sky, reanimating the dead. And here, atomic weapons have created legions of mutants, primeval monsters, and wild chaotic weather patterns.

Enter: John Slaughter. Hardcore outlaw biker. Blood member of the Devil’s Disciples. A very wanted man. Captured by the army, the feds want him to lead a gang of his old bikers across the Mississippi and into the nuclear wastes of the Deadlands.

His objective: Snatch a high-level biologist who is being held at an old NORAD fortress by a paramilitary terrorist group. It will mean a raid into territory swarming with the living dead, mutations, and sects of psychotic survivalists… not to mention the Cannibal Corpse motorcycle club, blood enemies of the Devil’s Disciples.

His incentive: his brother is being held at a federal prison back east on charges of sedition. If Slaughter does not bring back the biologist, his brother will be executed.

The drawback: An ancient, diabolic evil has claimed the Deadlands and is in league with Cannibal Corpse. And unless Slaughter can stop it, it will pick its teeth with the last bones of the human race.

The Tree of Azathoth

by C. T. Phipps

“The Dreaming City has a million stories.”

The world has finally reached its final hours with Yog-Sothoth devouring time itself. John Henry Booth is not content to die and seeks out an old enemy to provide him an escape from the dying Earth. This results in him being transported to a strange monster-filled city where millions of humans live in a bizarre hodgepodge of eras. John soon finds out he’s been here before, or at least some variant of him has, and he is soon founded by faces long thought dead. And what is his lost son’s connection to the mysterious metropolis?

The Tree of Azathoth is the third novel of the Cthulhu Armageddon series, a post-apocalypse continuation of H.P. Lovecraft’s popular Cthulhu Mythos.

The Shapes of Night

by Mary SanGiovanni

Sometimes, in Bloomwood County, New Jersey, children go missing.

Sometimes those children die.

And sometimes, strange and alien shapes of night resurrect the bodies of those children for their own.

When Tim Jenkins has a terrible vision of one of his former students, Charlie Bentner, being mangled to death, he seeks Charlie out and unknowingly entangles both of them in a battle against time and space itself, a race against the shapes to stop an evil from entering our world and changing its geometry forever.

Short Tall Tales

by Brian Lumley

And that is exactly what this book is: a varied collection of short stories from the acknowledged British master of Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction, Brian Lumley, in a single volume of all three domains of the imagination – but more especially the haunts of the sinister and macabre! Inspired by the weird tales of the great Edgar Allan Poe, and as some readers might reasonably insist, the even greater H. P. Lovecraft – himself an admirer of Poe – here is a host of rather more modern witcheries from times since the sad demise of many such old masters, based on eras long forgotten before all such tale-tellers so much as existed; concepts spawned in an immemorial past that even now continues to provide the source and fundamentals of similar conceits, such as they were, in the shape of folk legends and the frequently monstrous cautions of so-called “fairy tales,” in modes made their own by the antique yarns of the Brother’s Grimm, now sadly long-demised – a fact which in itself says a lot for the longevity of these genres!

Stories included in this collection:
The Man in the Dream
Late Shopping
Spider in the Bath
The Lecture
Hell Is a Personal Place
Problem Child
The Sorceror’s Dream
Mother Love
Not a Creature Was Stirring
In the Glow Zone
Little Man Lost
Snarker’s Son
What Dark God?
The Strange Years
The Man Who Saw No Spiders
A Really Game Boy
A Dreamer’s Tale
In Dublin’s Fair City

As well as three short stories in just fifty words each and four favourite poems from “Ghoul Warning”