New Releases for January 2023

Here are the new releases from Crossroad Press for January 2023. Unless noted otherwise, you can purchase any of them at Amazon, B&N, Apple, Google Play, Smashwords, or Kobo.

Die Laughing

Football team buddies Ryan, PJ, and Kelly are the three stooges of Cooper High. Their gags are always in good fun … until the night they go too far.

PJ and Ryan play a prank on Kelly by abandoning him at the town cemetery. What they don’t know is that the cemetery is haunted by the ghost of George Mirth, who died playing practical jokes. Kelly is just what George has been waiting for!

When Kelly returns to Cooper Hollow, he seems different. Worse, he begins playing some very dangerous practical jokes that could leave his friends in stitches—the fatal kind!

The Kathryn Atwood Historical Romance Series

Available at Amazon for purchase or to read as part of the Kindle Unlimited plan, the historical romance novels of Kathryn Atwood (Kathy Ptacek).

Serial Killers Then & Now

Briar Lee Mitchell interviewed over twenty serial and rampage killers, to gain insight into their lives today. Some have been incarcerated for decades and their outlook on life, their crimes and what purpose they might have was discussed in detail with interesting and sometimes unusual results.

“Care is just a word until someone like Briar comes along and gives it true life.” – Monk Steppenwolf, serving a life sentence in Michigan for killing five people in 1964

“You have extraordinary heart to what you’ve done. You’ve gone, along, into prisons and interviewed what most people would consider to be the most dangerous class of criminals and that not to trash them, but to give them a voice. You are, of course, awesome…” – Bernard Eugene Giles, incarcerated for life in Florida for murdering five women in the 1970s

“Briar Lee Mitchell strips away the sad labels that our society clings to by speaking directly to those who live next door, and walk side by side with us on city streets. She provides absolute proof what when pushed to the edge anybody can become the ‘Breaking News’ and shows that empathy and compassion is the only way to prevent the next tragedy. We can all benefit from learning what sets a person off and possibly preventing the next bloodbath. Briar, I hope you accept my truth and thank you for allowing me to share my growth as a human being with you.” – Respectfully, Scott E. Dekraai, The Seal Beach Killer

“A different kind of Project, Briar Lee Mitchell shines a light on They and Me – SKs of past with Darkened Pathways.” – Dennis L. Rader, A.K.A., BTK – Bind, Torture, Kill, serial killer incarcerated in Kansas

“There are trees in the FOREST.” – Keith Hunter Jesperson, The Happy Face Killer, incarcerated in Oregon

The Devil’s in the Flaws & Other Dark Truths

This new collection of stories from USA Today bestselling, multiple Bram Stoker winning author David Niall Wilson presents twenty stories and a brand new, unpublished novella. Wilson’s work has been collected several times in digital only formats. This is the first major collection released since his award-nominated Defining Moments, and the subsequent collection Ennui & Other States of Madness. Included are several previously published works chosen by the author, along with seven previously unpublished stories, and the title piece, The Devil’s in the Flaws, a previously unpublished novella.

Wilson has nearly forty books in print including novels, tie-in work, children’s books and more. He is CEO of Crossroad Press, a cutting edge hybrid publishing company, and a previous president of the Horror Writer’s Association. His latest novel is an alternate history fantasy retelling of the Noah’s Ark story, Jurassic Ark.  His upcoming works include the novel Tattered Remnants, a collection of short stories based in his fictional setting of Old Mill, North Carolina, and stories in several upcoming anthologies.

Included in this collection:

Unique *

The Milk of Paradise

A Prayer for 0443

She Mourned *


One *

You are Just Like Gods

Interred *

Etched Deep

His Cold Gourd Heart *

Fear of Flying *

Little Ghosts *

One Off from Prime

If You Were Glass



Teachable Moments *

The Whirling Man

The Last Patriot *

Wayne’s World

The Devil’s in the Flaws * * Original to this collection