Crossroad Press specializes in digitizing the back lists of established authors and or literary estates.  We work, going forward, with that same group of established authors on original projects, new series properties, audio, and much more.  We are not open to unsolicited submissions at this time.  We have a very small staff, and we do not want to become one more company with a huge slushpile they promise to get to and never do.

If you are a commercially published author and would like to contact us about your back list and / or new projects, or would like information on submitting to one of our original series projects drop us an e-mail.

If you are a librarian or bookseller and would like information on direct orders for print books, we can either set you up with a wholesale account in our store, or you can also contact us via e-mail.

If you have a question, complaint, or just want to send us a note, feel free to drop us a line, or send us snail mail to :

Crossroad Press
141 Brayden Dr.,
Hertford, NC 27944

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  1. Just wondering if you are in process of releasing Robert Monroe’s final book in audio format (Ultimate Journey). I see that the first was released in April, and the second in November. Thank you.

  2. Hello, bought the Realms Of Wonder and discovered the Scattered Earth series. Good news is that I was immediately hooked. Only problem is, I have now bought and read every book in the series. Are their plans for more? It seems like the project in kind of on hold. I realize that it’s not easy writing these creative original stories, but I am ready for more. Don’t worry, I’ll try the other series of books that lead from Realms of Wonder, but Scattered Earth is very interesting and original (some of the other series of books I have read seem to be retreads of the same story after awhile). Thanks, Bert

  3. Absoluely! We have a new book (hopefully) due from Melissa Scott, more from Keith DeCandidio and David Niall Wilson, and I’m sure The Dread Remora will be back soon as well.

  4. I will ask. The agent we are working with only had the audio rights to those three titles.

  5. i see you released the 7th skinners book by marcus pelegrimas
    i was wondering if it will be coming out in papereback form
    thank for your time

    Mr. Vince Martin

  6. There is s very big fan base for Brian Lumely’s Necroscope series around the world but no audio books. I have been told you guys were the best and might help with it or give advice on how. My eyesight is lees than poor so I’ve been relying on audiobooks . Having Necroscope in audio would be beyond cool.
    Please check it out, it would mean the world to us fans . Thanks Crossroad Press, you guys rock.

  7. I am happy to note that, as of writing this response, I’m talking with Brian’s agent about audio on a lot of his works.


  8. Thank you for your books by Ingo Swann. They are excellent. I was wondering if you plan on releasing g any more or will I have to settle for old used print copies. I always promote them on Face Book. I will post your site if you don’t mind.


  9. WE are steadily releasing all of INgo’s books, so yes.. there will be more!

  10. The authors have no plans to release a new book… sorry. As far as I know the last volume with be the one we already published.

  11. Sorry Beatrice, but we have never had the rights to the print edition of that book. I believe it’s been done in print, but not by us.

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