Books on Pre-order

These are the books on pre-order that will be released within the next few months. Click the book title links to purchase your copy today.


by Rick Jones

(Release date – 4/2/2024)

Joey Cavello, a man with a terminal illness, enters a hospice where he picks up on strange occurrences such as the mysterious occupant who resides on the second floor, something with a terrible origin; or the strange and impenetrable fog that surrounds the facility that’s keeps everyone in like a holding pen; and what about the mysterious and blind administrator who appears to be omniscient, and a man of cruel judgment.

What is the thing on the second floor? What is the purpose of the dense mist that encircles the facility? And what is the administrator’s true and underlying purpose for those who enter the Hospice?

Cavello, who bands together with others, tries to unveil the hospice’s dark and supernatural secret. But can they unravel its sinister mystery before they are eternally damned? The clock is ticking.

Little Bones

by David Baillie

(Release date – 4/2/2024)

Hamilton, Ontario, 1953.

A nine-year-old boy meets with a horrific death at the hands of a sociopath; his little body is then hidden away in a soon-to-be-sealed tenement coal chute where it lies for two decades. The remains, discovered by contractors rerouting a pipe in 1974, make for sensational news; the fact that ten small bones are missing causes further speculation. But interest in the cold case fades quickly—except in the imagination of a tragically lonely boy named Scott Campbell, a resident of that sad building who suffers (equally) from undiagnosed Selective Mutism and the terrible neglect of his mentally ill mother. In the building’s furnace room, Scotty meets his one and only friend: a child’s playful, coal-black shadow that follows him through a litany of foster homes and into adulthood.

Now, in 1987, thirteen years after the discovery of those remains, Scotty is an enigmatic street artist who makes strange sculptures out of found objects, which he leaves in the forgotten and overlooked corners of the city. Scotty’s social worker, Simon, despairs over Scotty’s plight: the mute will soon be completely on his own, for he aged out of government-sponsored aid almost two years ago and is now living on the remnants of a miracle extension arranged by Simon’s boss. Simon also has his own dilemma: as a Mohawk with invested interest in the Six Nations of the Grand River, he feels like he is betraying his own community by working for the government-funded Children’s Aid Society in Hamilton. Caught between pressure at home and the impending end of Scotty’s meagre support, Simon is losing faith in both the System and himself.

Little Bones is a heart-rending tale of loss, redemption, and the cruel consequences of investing in that most beautiful of lies—hope.

Please Don’t Tell My Parents I Saved the World Again

by Richard Roberts

(Release date – 4/23/2024)

Magic, mad science, and teenagers are a recipe for trouble. As the only living necromancer, fifteen-year-old Avery Special has too much trouble as it is. Trying to use her dark powers for good, she awakens a cyborg from a coma.

The superintelligent Tonika is grateful and full of plans to help Avery help others, but the more Avery helps, the more trouble she gets in.

Her parents are worried. Her boyfriend and girlfriend are lonely. A robot-possessing ghost is on the loose. Oh, and she stole a crystal ball from a museum. How much helping is too much?

Can she afford to not help when the ultimate evil mad scientist tries to destroy the world?

When at Last I Find You

by Aaron Gudmunson

(Release date – 5/7/2024)

When family man Paul Jeske discovers an envelope in his mailbox addressed to one Lucine Korth, curiosity drives him to investigate this unique name. His research turns up images of an intensely attractive woman who lives only blocks from his home. As Paul delves further into this emergent fixation, blurring lines both legal and moral, his professional and family life suffer. Soon this game of cat-and-mouse progresses into perpetually-more perilous territory and Paul learns an astonishing truth about Lucine Korth…and that things are rarely ever as they appear.

At once an examination of obsession in the digital age and the fragile nuances of modern family dynamics, When at Last I Find You asks how far would you go to obtain the unobtainable? What would you risk to satisfy your curiosity? And are you willing to make the ultimate sacrifice—family, career, sanity, and soul—to say you succeeded?

Missed Connection

by Michael Laimo

(Release date – 5/21/2024)

New York City Fashion Executive Peter Delmonico has had a rough life. Physically abused by his father as a child, and mentally abused by his wife as an adult, he sees no choice but to let his inner demons guide him through life. Obsessed with photography for as long as he can remember, he takes a detour one afternoon into NYC’s Bryant Park, where he snaps a photo of a beautiful woman who bumps into him, and then kisses him, only to vanish into the crowd as mysteriously as she appeared. Determined to bring true love into his life, Peter sets out on a journey throughout Manhattan to find her, his only real lead the photo he took of her in his camera.

Missed Connection is an intense erotic thriller filled with twists and turns, a raunchy, funny, sexy, satirical, and somewhat diabolical look at life in Manhattan through the eyes of a damaged man who only wants to love, and be loved.

“This taut page-turner has a harrowing premise, breakneck first-person narrative, and one hell of a final twist. Thriller Fans: don’t miss MISSED CONNECTION!” — New York Times bestselling author Wendy Corsi Staub

“Sleek as a bullet and just as deadly, Michael Laimo is in top form. MISSED CONNECTION is not to be missed!” —Ronald Malfi, author of Come With Me and Black Mouth

Uncle Vincent’s House

by Steven Beai

(Release date – 5/28/2024)

At Uncle Vincent’s house, unspeakable things come out at night.

Julian Baker has heard hushed whispers about the mystery from his family his entire life. In his senior year in high school, he vows to uncover the secret kept by those closest to him. What he discovers will change the lives of an entire town.

High atop Crumpton Hill in Harris, Indiana there is a place locals shun once night falls. A place where the dead reach out to the living and nightmares come to life to walk the grounds.

Whatever you do, don’t go outside after dark at Uncle Vincent’s house.

Imagine a place of mystery, where ghostly visions appear, the dead walk, and your every nightmare comes alive.

Welcome to Uncle Vincent’s house.

Justice: A Hollywood Homicide

by J. Grant Boyd

(Release date – 6/25/2024)

Alyce Justice was beautiful. She was not yet thirty, and less than twenty-four hours earlier, with millions watching, she’d held up her Oscar for Best Actress. Now the police announced she’s dead, brutally murdered at the Palisades Estates.

Detective Lucas Horne is on the case, and it should have been a simple one. Justice died shortly after a party held at the Estates. The only attendees were the eleven residents, and only one of them had a motive for murder. Her estranged husband, Brandon Bradford, an immensely popular actor known as much for his temper as for his movies. His anger at her affair with her director, Richard Gold, had been splashed all over social media for months. Just one problem. Bradford had been passed out during the party and was sleeping it off at another house. His alibi was airtight. There were witnesses.

It’s up to Lucas Horne to unravel the mystery and bring a dead woman justice, but if Bradford was the killer, how could he have been in two places at the same time?

The answer is both elusive and deadly.

Close Enough for Murder

by Gordon Linzner

(Release date – 7/2/2024)

Carroll Dressler was a dreary man with a dreary life and a wife who could nag off his ears. He didn’t think things could get any worse. He was wrong. One night, en route from his girlfriend to his wife, a chance stop at a closed gas station threw Carroll into the path of a serial killer. Aptly named The Beast, this psychopath was known for mutilating his victims, all of whom were women. Now, The Beast is on Carroll’s trail, determined to eliminate the only witness who could possibly ID him.

When Carroll hits on the idea that he could use The Beast to solve all his problems, he begins a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Can Carroll use this brutal killer to his advantage? Will he become the next victim? Will the relentless detective catch up to them both and put a stop to it all? If Carroll wants to come out on top, he’ll have to be very cunning. And very creative. But most of all, he’ll have to be very lucky.

The Upwelling

by F. Paul Wilson

(Release date – 7/9/2024)

“Oh, Mrs. Sirman, there’s a problem with your husband’s cremation.”
“What sort of problem?”
“It’s his body.”
“What about it?”
“It won’t burn.”

And so it begins for Pam Sirman…the first step toward learning that everything she thought she knew about her husband is wrong, perhaps even his humanity. But if he’s not human, what is he?

Pam is one of three lives that will be drawn together by the apocalypse of the Upwelling.

The other two are Chan and Danni, but their worlds are already in chaos. A few weeks ago a fierce storm accompanied by an upwelling from the Atlantic abyssal plain tore into Atlantic City. When it receded, the city and its 25,000 inhabitants were gone without a trace. Chan and Danni remember being in the city that day, but the ten hours during which the Upwelling occurred have been wiped from their memories.

They want those memories back. Or do they? Did they witness something so unspeakably ghastly that their minds can’t face it? Or worse: Was that ghastly thing something they did? And worst yet: Were they responsible for the Upwelling?

Pierce the Veil

by David Simms

(Release date – 7/16/2024)

On the way home from a gig with his band, Derek Boone dies. Then, miraculously, doctors manage to revive him, using new cutting-edge technology. He’s alive, but in a coma.

Months later Boone wakes into a world of blurred visions and danger. The memories of that accident are incomplete. He experiences them in strange flashbacks he calls “bruised memories.” And he’s not the only one. A deranged cult made up of men and women who’ve had near death experiences begins to harass him, wanting to know what he experienced, and a dangerous agent from a religious organization wants him to tell his story… if that story is the one the church needs. Otherwise, they want him dead.

Finally, while on a talk show with others who have had similar experiences, a gunman opens fire on the entire panel. Escaping with his life, Boone is on the run from New Jersey to the Adirondack mountains, desperately seeking his own truth, even if it leads him into the hands of an enemy.

His experience could change everything and leave the world’s religions in shambles.

If he remembers…

Cannibal Jack

by Patricia Lee Macomber

(Release date – 8/6/2024)

Barbara Connolly thought she was giving her daughters a better life when she left her abusive ex-husband and moved back to her home town. But Rapture, Pennsylvania, just wasn’t the same anymore. There have been two murders right on her street, in the same house her brother disappeared in over twenty years before. Bodies are turning up everywhere, all missing flesh and with the same ragged teeth marks on the bones. Teenage girls are disappearing.

And something—or someone—is crawling around inside Barbara’s walls.

As the police race to find the killer, Barbara fights to keep her daughters from becoming its next victim.