Books on Pre-order

These are the books on pre-order that will be released within the next few months. Click the book title links to purchase your copy today.

Cold Sleep

by Luke Hindmarsh

(Release date – 4/4/2023)

It’s the perfect score—stealing valuable data from a VIP in cryo-freeze midway through a decades-long interstellar crossing. If it works, Kara will have enough money to buy what she’s always wanted—a Captaincy.

But with the rest of the crew and the cargo of one hundred thousand colonists still frozen, Kara and her accomplice, Zed, realize they’re not the only ones awake. The murdered woman they find is only the first victim of whoever or whatever has woken from Cold Sleep…

Skin for Skin

Book Three of the Kansas Murder Trilogy

by Melvin Litton

(release date 4/18/2023)

Part mystery and part myth born of fact and rumor left buried in the Kansas dirt. The story opens with a murder as desperate as the voice that stirs from the dust in witness. This voice, or knowing, haunts a young man, Faris Clayton, who will play in events to come. Time and place, 1934, Elim, Kansas.

The action involves six gamblers initially robbed and a seventh absent that fateful night who is killed through foolish mischance. And whose older brother vows vengeance.

Amid the swirl of death two farm families, the Claytons and the Wales, struggle to survive the drought and depression. Faris knows the gamblers, the victim, and the widow. Guesses the why of things and carries the burden of his knowing. Vera Ellen Wales, or Elle, stands at a greater remove and innocence. Enters the story a girl of 14 and matures into a young woman of 16 when she and Faris finally meet and lace hands. Meanwhile in Elim, guilt and madness play to the final scene