Wayne Allen Sallee

 WAYNE ALLEN SALLEE lives in Chicago, Illinois. His first published story, “Rapid Transit”, has been reprinted eight times in five languages. The late Karl Edward Wagner included Sallee’s short fiction in DAW’s YEAR’S BEST HORROR STORIES XIV-XXII, at which point the series ended. Sallee is a five time finalist for the Bram Stoker Award, and won the 1989 Rhysling Award for poetry. His novel THE HOLY TERROR (1992) has recently been reprinted in Germany, and is also available through Crossroad Press in audio-book, e-book, and trade format. His memoir PROACTIVE CONTRITION was released in July 2013, and chronicles the author’s being born with cerebral palsy, struggling with being bipolar, as well as describing his professional writer career from the small press to trade anthologies in the late 1980s.

Primarily a writer of short fiction, his work appears in over seventy anthologies, including ALL-AMERICAN HORROR: Best Stories From 2000-2010, LITTLE DEATHS, LOVE IN VEIN, SPLATTERPUNKS I and II, NIGHTMARES ON ELM STREET, NECRO FILES, BOURBON PENN, and SEEDS OF FEAR. Sallee has also written several chapbooks, PAIN GRIN, THE SCARLET SPONGE and FOR YOU, THE LIVING. He also corresponded with serial killer John Wayne Gacy for several years prior to his execution, and wrote of the experience, “Send In The Clown” for DEATHREALM magazine.

He has had two story collections published, WITH WOUNDS STILL WET and FIENDS BY TORCHLIGHT, as well as a poetry collection, I CAN’T COME CLEAN. Sallee has also written the comics RICHARD SPECK, I AM THE AMERICAN DREAM, and BRANDON LEE: TAKEN TOO SOON, THE ILLUSTRATED MASQUES, and also completed a short run on DREAM WOLVES.

Sallee has also appeared in films, including BLOOD ON THE PLAIN and FATHER KNOWS BEST, and appears regularly on CHICAGO P. D., CHICAGO JUSTICE, and several other shows filmed in Chicago.

Visit him at his website.

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