Michael Boatman

MICHAEL started writing back in the early Pleistocene when, as a young actor, he was injured in a freakish household accident. Unable to work (or walk) for twelve weeks, he took the unsolicited advice offered by a friend, who advised him that creative people needed outlets for their creativity. If he was to avoid madness, he needed to find something creative to focus his attention away from his lack of ambulatory options. He took the advice, and over the next twelve weeks, wrote his first fiction: a terrible screenplay no one will ever read. However, when he finished typing “The End”, he found himself hooked. He’d created a story, without the need for agents, producers, directors or studio executives. He’d written something and never looked back. Since then he’s written four novels: The Red Wake (Crossroad Press), Revenant Road (Darkfuse Press), Last God Standing (Angry Robot Books), and Who Wants to be the Prince of Darkness? (Angry Robot Books). His first short story collection, God Laughs When You Die, was published by Dybbuk Press, in 2003.

He’s also sold many short stories:

The Drop
The Last American President
A Father’s Work
The Greenhouse
The Long, Lost Life of Rufus Bleak
Bloodbath at Lansdale Towers
Our Kind of People
Hadley Shimmerhorn: American Icon
The Ugly Truth
Jimmy Sticks and the Outlaw Critter of Doom
Manny Miracle is Alive and Well and Dying in the 29TH Dimension!
Neville and the Midnight Miracle Massacre
The Flinch
Born Again
Survivor: Monster Island 2025!
Across the Black Plains
The Tarantula Memoirs

Christmastime in Zombietown

By day, he labors to bring other people’s visions to life. He’s appeared on Broadway, and co-starred in television shows like China Beach, Spin City, Arli$$, Instant Mom, as well as feature films like Hamburger Hill, The Glass Shield, and The Peacemaker. He’s guest-starred on shows like Law and Order, Criminal Minds, Gray’s Anatomy, The Game, The Goodwife, and Warehouse 13. He’s been married for twenty-three years and have been fortunate enough to father four awesome kids—all of them voracious readers.

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