Don Rico

Donato Francisco Rico II was born September 26, 1912 in Rochester, New York, eldest of 9 children, first generation Italian-American.

The phrase “Renaissance man” is used casually, but here it really applies. As a wood-engraver, a nearly lost art, his fine art now hangs in many museums including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the Library of Congress. He turned to comic illustration and writing, working on many “Golden Age” books including Captain America, Submariner and Daredevil, becoming an editor for Marvel.

In the 40’s, Rico sang in nightclubs in Manhattan and for a time had his own singing radio program in upstate New York, meanwhile playing first base for semi-pro teams in upstate New York. After moving to Hollywood in the 1960s he wrote the features “Mary, Mary, Bloody Mary” and “2000 Years Later” and some of “Adam-12” for Television.
He was the author of over 60 published novels in many genres.

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