Writer’s Block




Writer’s Block

A Kip and Amanda Adventure

By Julian Padowicz

A sensational new novel from the award-winning author and filmmaker Julian Padowicz.

From his miserable childhood to his mediocre career as a college professor, fate had not been kind, or even terribly fair, to “Kip” Kippur. But Kip’s luck changes when he inherits a house in a small coastal village in Massachusetts. He chucks his previous life and moves there to write the Great American Novel—a thinly disguised autobiography.

As Kip struggles to transmute a leaden life into golden fiction, he finds himself alone and rudderless in a strange community. He stumbles into a mysterious murder, an awkward romance, a married lady’s hot tub, an unusual proposal of marriage—and an invitation to sail to Florida, during storm season, in a sailboat of questionable seaworthiness, with an autocratic captain and a homicidal crewmate.

But Writer’s Block is more than just the tale of a late-life crisis gone terribly awry. It’s also an intriguing portrait of a small town and the complex people who inhabit it. It will keep you riveted all the way to its crashing conclusion.

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