World of Hurt




World of Hurt

By Thomas Tessier

World of Hurt gathers together for the first time twenty eight short stories and novellas by the award-winning, critically acclaimed author of horror and suspense, Thomas Tessier. By turns disturbing, mysterious, harrowing and horrifying, these tales illuminate the darkness swirling on the edge of what is real and what is not — in both the world around us and in the lives of people caught up in it. Thomas Tessier’s novels and stories have defied and pushed beyond genre expectations and norms, and World of Hurt is a milestone collection of his work.

Stories included in this collection:
In the Desert of Deserts
The Vacant Lot
Evelyn Grace
The Banshee
A Grub Street Tale
Ghost Music
La Mourante
The Infestation at Ralls
The Woman in the Club Car
Curing Hitler
The Green Menace
In Praise of Folly
The Ventriloquist
Torching the Escalade
Club Saudade
For No One
If You See Me, Say Hello
In the Sand Hills
I Remember Me
The Dreams of Dr. Ladybank
Scramburg, USA
Father Panic’s Opera Macabre

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