With Wounds Still Wet




With Wounds Still Wet

By Wayne Allen Sallee

With Wounds Still Wet is a Bram Stoker Award-nominated collection of twenty-two stories from Chicago author Wayne Allen Sallee. Visceral, painful, often closing in on the too-personal, Sallee’s fiction is a sharp jab of reality in a world of milk-toast angst and watered-down prose.

From the introduction by Kathe Koja:

“…His fiction can be visceral past shock, stick-rich and sometimes headlong; he can — and often does — show us what we never want to see, in ways that leave a dark taste long behind. Like all writers he has his own relics and totems, each with its own meaning (which may not be the same for us as it is for him) and he leaves them for us, scattered brisk through his stories to make of what we will: symbols as prisms, to which we bring our own discerning light. Or darkness: Wayne has an affinity for the darkness. He has as well a great and almost tender regard for the broken, the troubled, the ones not so much un¬wanted as unseen, unconsidered in the greater rush of “normal” people living their normal lives. It is a tenderness without sentimentality, without the pity that is more than half distaste; he needs none of those things, and shows us how to do without them as well.”

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