With Sword and Pistol




With Sword and Pistol

By Edward M. Erdelac

WITH SWORD AND PISTOL collects four dark fantasy adventure novellas from Edward M. Erdelac, the author of Monstrumfuhrer, Andersonville, and the Merkabah Rider series.

RED SAILS – In 1740 a British marine and a Dominican Blackfriar are captured on the high seas by a blood guzzling pirate captain and turned loose on a cannibal isle to be hunted down for sport under the full moon by his shapeshifting crew.

NIGHT OF THE JIKININKI – In 1737 three disparate men, a casteless bandit, a sadistic samurai sword tester, and a mad, child killing monk band together to fight their way out of a feudal Japanese prison as it fills with the walking dead.

SINBAD AND THE SWORD OF SOLOMON – In 796, Sinbad the Sailor and motley crew undertake a mission from the Caliph of Baghdad to retrieve a magic sword from a demon on an enchanted island.

GULLY GODS – In 2005 a young South Houston gangster learns the horrific secret behind the power behind a seemingly unstoppable clique of Liberian ex-child soldiers taking over a South Chicago neighborhood.

Hundreds of years removed. Thousands of miles apart. They all make their end WITH SWORD AND PISTOL.

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