White Trash




White Trash

By George McNeill

From the smoldering ashes of the war-torn south, she rose to challenge destiny in a world seething with desire and corruption…

*Publisher’s Note* An earlier version of this was published in error that contained scanning errors. This is a revised edition.

Beautiful Amy Scullins bore the name of the county hangman, her legal father. Yet by blood she was the daughter of dashing Clayton Deavors and rightful heir to the sweeping acres of The Columns, the Deavors’ magnificent plantation that stood proudly over Natchez,

Mississippi. But her shameful burden was her unscrupulous family, who sought to break her through the evils of seduction and blackmail.

Though fear and lust loomed to challenge her will, Amy vowed to claim her true heritage. This was her one last chance to wrest a life of grandeur and passion from the lawless ruins of the old South. Her last chance to strip herself of the brand of… White Trash…

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