What They Wrote




What They Wrote

By Jack Ketchum

What They Wrote is a collection of introductions, articles, and reviews by Jack Ketchum of various horror novels and collections. Included here are introductions for works by Edward Lee, Stanley Wiater, Barry Hoffman, Kealan Patrick Burke, Thomas Tessier, P.D. Cacek, Lucy Taylor, Tim Lebbon, T.M. Wright, and Rio Youers. Also included are reviews of two Stephen King novels, a John Carpenter movie, and a Richard Laymon novel.

Contents of this collection:
Edward Lee’s Quest for Sex, Truth and Reality – Introduction
On The Haunting of Hill House – Essay
Mysteries of the Word – by Stanley Wiater – Introduction
The Midnight Tour by Richard Laymon – Review
Judas Eyes – by Barry Hoffman – Introduction
Monochrome Love – The Alchemy of Love – by Elizabeth Engstrom & Alan M. Clark
The Painter Next Door – On Neal McPheeters, for an Unpublished Collection of his Work – Introduction
Midlisters – by Kealan Patrick Burke – Introduction
Tessier and the Wolf – The Nightwalkers by Thomas Tessier – Introduction
In the Spirit by P. D. Cacek – Introduction
Bag of Bones by Stephen King – Review
On Chas. Balun: An Opinion of an Opinion – Introduction
“It’s the Dog Scene That Gets Me” – On John Carpenter’s The Thing
On Header, Needlepoint, and the Journal of American Medicine – Header by Edward Lee – Introduction
Fatal Journeys – by Lucy Taylor – Introduction
White and Other Tales of Ruin – by Tim Lebbon – Introduction
Dark Arts – Thomas F. Monteleone – Introduction
On I am Legend by Richard Matheson – Article
Robert E. Howard’s Typewriter – SHIFTERS by Edward Lee & John Pelan – Introduction
Some Seeds Take – Strange Seed by T. M. Wright – Introduction
‘What Rio Sees’ – All That I See – by Rio Youers – Introduction
From a Buick 8 by Stephen King – Review
A Short Peter Straub Companion – Written for the 2006 World Horror Convention Program Book

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