Warrior Witch of Hel




Warrior Witch of Hel

By C. Dean Andersson

The evil wizard Nidhug rules, but a cry of rebellion is still remembered: the cry of Bloodsong, the woman warrior who once fought her way to freedom. Hers is the dream of thousands doomed to slavery and unspeakable torture in the deathless lord’s terrible fortress.

Now, her cry is heard again, as Bloodsong returns, riding a Hel-horse, from the grim halls of Death itself. She wields such magic as few mortals possess. On her hand is the skull ring of the Death Goddess, Hel. At her side are a few good friends…faithful and daring companions willing to follow Bloodsong into the very bowels of the evil stronghold, capture the powerful War Skull of Hel, and destroy Nidhug’s might forever.

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