Waging Business Warfare




Waging Business Warfare

By David Rogers

In business, winning may be impossible–unless you are a master of military strategy. The same techniques that made Napoleon an incomparable conqueror are still being employed today by business and financial giants. This book shows how it can be done. Edited and updated for 2014 with an extensive new preface by the author.

“Wherever you are on this globe–in this hemisphere or another–and however much business is changing shape before your eyes from day to day, even it seems at times, from hour to hour–the way to win business competitions never varies, never changes. And never will and never has for the thousands of years people have been engaged in business. Let the vast world transform itself from shops and showrooms to e-commerce outlets and enormous warehouses and fulfillment centers and monolithic super-corporations such as Walmart whose worldwide work force of 2.2 million people is almost beyond comprehension–the essence of business remains the same. Two or more competitors, each seeking a profit, are in hot pursuit of the same customers and the same currency, and each is looking for an edge. Where there are profits to be made, as surely as the sun will rise tomorrow there will be competition. And at times the competition will be intense, and the fate of the businesses and careers may depend on who at the end of the fray has a higher share of those profits. You may say, “We are not obsessed with the competition, with competing.” But your competitors may have an-us-versus-them mentality and be obsessed with you. They do not have your best interests at heart, to put it mildly. The promise of profits makes what is now yours appealing to them. So it is wise, as it is said in warfare, to be prepared for anything.” – From the Preface by David Rogers

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