Voodoo Robot Chili




Voodoo Robot Chili

By S. Ron Mars

Voodoo Robot Chili is a humorous, military science fiction novel. The story takes place in a far-flung but way-too-probable future, chock-full of zany characters who could be Satan’s poster children for massive brain stem damage. Using the Iran Contra scandal as a template for the belligerence, malice, and self-serving behavior of our not-so distant descendants (which serves us right for not making better use of birth control), it’s a satirical look at politics past, present, future and possibly sideways. But don’t expect too much philosophy. Don’t expect ANY philosophy. If you do…well, don’t read the book. Note, the publisher didn’t say don’t BUY the book. Just don’t read it…uhm…and/or adjust your expectations accordingly if you take a peek.

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