Voices Out of Time




Voices Out of Time

By Charles L. Grant

The Lady in the Tapestry

Alice MacDonneaugh, visiting Cullcriag Castle, her family’s ancestral home in the Scottish moors to recover from the shock of the fire that claimed her parent’s lives, fears she is losing her mind. For everywhere she goes, she is beset by visions and voices…beckoning…warning…threatening … luring…voices out of time that call from musty graves and sing softly to the music of flutes and pipes…And visions of Morag – the lady in the tapestry – whom everyone says is Alice’s look-alike, though she has been dead for over 300 years. Morag, the witch, Morag, once Mistress of Cullcraig; Morag, whose magnificent ruby gem holds the secrets of the past and the salvation of the future; Morag whose hand reaches out from the grave and the tapestry, trying to defy time and space and pull Alice back through the centuries, back past the grave, so she alone might learn the secret of the MacDonneaugh clan!

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