Village of Satan




Village of Satan

By Margaret Bingley

The village of South Willoughby was silent as the grave when Kathryn Talkes and her young daughter Jasmine arrived for a short visit. Kathryn’s mother had been taken ill and she and Jasmine had come to look after her.

Jasmine soon made friends with Luke, the strange little boy next door. Luke’s favorite playground was the local graveyard where his mother Tara was buried. It wasn’t long before he was introducing Jasmine to another world, a world through which she could travel in her mind, a world where unknown and unexpected people were making friends with her. And all this was happening whenever she and Luke visited the graveyard.

Gradually Kathryn noticed that Jasmine was changing, being taken over by another Jasmine, a girl whom she didn’t love and who wasn’t really her daughter …

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