Vertical Dive




Vertical Dive

By Michael DiMercurio

With his unrelenting suspense and explosive combat scenes, USA Today bestselling author Michael DiMercurio has redefined the modern submarine thriller. Now he returns with a new novel of the silent war on terror being waged under the sea….

During NATO exercises, the French Navy unveils Le Vigilant, a nuclear submarine so advanced that it can elude any radar system in the water. But France’s maritime marvel is about to become its own worst enemy. A band of Algerian terrorists has hijacked Le Vigilant. They mean to wipe Paris and every major French city off the face of the earth—and then turn their missiles against the great Satans of the United States and Russia.

Despite the French Navy’s protests, two NATO subs are called into action: the USS Hampton, captained by veteran sub warrior Burke Dillinger, and the USS Texas, commanded by iron-willed Peter Vornado. Paris is being evacuated. Time is running out. And the coming conflict will pit the ultimate in technological weaponry against pure courage, skill, and determination….

“DiMercurio really knows his subs…. His characters step right off the sub deck and onto his pages.”—Larry Bond

“Compelling and visionary. DiMercurio’s characters run as deep as his submarines themselves!”—Joe Buff, Author of Seas of Crisis and Straits of Power

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