Unholy War: The Gathering Storm




Unholy War: The Gathering Storm

By Matt R. Jones

Steele is a tough, streetwise old vampire who sings in a glam rock band, and he is fiercely loyal to his immortal friends, who are both powerful and playful, loyal and loving, tender and treacherous. The vampires of Hollywood are, at their hearts, human—people who’ve found a city they can call home, away from the madness and prejudice that plagued them throughout the centuries…a place where they can be happy and finally enjoy their long lives.
When the Crimson Order comes knocking with an army of revenants and werewolves, looking to restart old battles, there is absolute and utter hell to pay. No quarter will be given—this unholy war is for keeps.
Unholy War: The Gathering Storm isn’t about what you lose when you become a vampire…it’s about everything you gain, and why that’s worth fighting for.

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