Unholy War: Rage and Redemption




Unholy War: Rage and Redemption

By Matt R. Jones

The Battle of Los Angeles is over and won, but not everybody made it. With one friend dead and another slipping into a hell of her own making, streetwise vampire Steele is forced to confront the spectres of his past in the form of a super-powered megalomanic hellbent on subjugating or slaying the vampires of LA.

Not only does the Crimson Order live again, but it’s more powerful than ever.

Even as the fanged champions of Hollywood fight for their lives, gentle half-blood Katheryne fights for her very soul against an all-too-real Goddess. If she fails, it’ll mean not only the fall of Los Angeles, but the start of an all-out war between vampires and mortals…a war where everybody loses.

The Unholy War duology screams to its explosive conclusion with a tale of rage and redemption in the belly of the beast.

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