Tuskers IV: Rise of the Cloven




Tuskers IV: Rise of the Cloven

By Duncan McGeary

Now available for the first time in digital format!

Civilization has collapsed from the onslaught of the Tusker attacks. The zombie virus, on top of the destruction of the fragile human infrastructure, has devastated the population.

Three surviving groups emerge out of the chaos. In the north, a zombie horde, led by the Tusker, Napoleon, has vowed to return and kill the last uninfected humans. In the south, a heavily armed and organized band of humans has vowed to wipe out the Tuskers. And in the middle, in the small desert town of Carver, unaware of the impending struggle, a small band of Tuskers and humans are working together to survive the Aporkcalypse. They are working feverishly to discover a cure to the zombie virus.

Inevitably, they are found, and the two armies converge. Together, the people and Tuskers of Carver must find a way to survive. But even more, they must find a way to end the conflict before both species are destroyed.

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