Trench Coat Pal




Trench Coat Pal

By M. J. Neary

Glen Holyoak, son of a prominent psychiatrist, finds himself excommunicated from his privileged New England roots. After leaving a posh military academy, the young man is hiding from the hypocritical society in the basement of an abandoned house, fooling around with light recreational drugs and creating customized revenge-themed video games for all those who have a grievance against the world. In the eyes of his online followers he is a noble renegade, a cyber avenger known as the Trench Coat Pal. When his excessively generous, selfless father dies an unnatural death, Glen emerges from his dungeon under a different name, determined to see that justice is served. After living in the world of virtual fantasies, can he win a battle against real monsters? Set in 1990s Westport, CT, one of the wealthiest towns in the US, Trench Coat Pal is a dark suburban satire with elements of a superhero comic.

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