Torture Tomb




Torture Tomb

Texas Horror Trilogy Book #1

By C. Dean Andersson

THE NIGHTMARE – For young artist Gina and her lover Jim, it began with a terrifying vision of Gina’s long-missing sister, once thought dead, now a prisoner of a horror beyond imagining.

THE SEARCH – Their last hope—a circle of witches who command powers that can help and heal—or wreak terrible destruction. Their destination—the dark heart of a New England forest where an evil dynasty built upon the unspeakable secrets of the damned plans a hellish fate for all who oppose it.

THE BATTLE – Hounded by foul manifestations of the undead, in peril of losing both their lives and souls, Gina and her allies must race against time and terror to confront their demonic enemies … and battle a monstrous inhuman force that may crush even the combined forces of light.

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