Three Small Coinkydinks




Three Small Coinkydinks

By Aaron Rosenberg

Bob Spinowitz was an average guy—until aliens abducted him and gave him the head of a duck. Then they asked “DuckBob” to save the universe, since their modifications meant he could. Talk about a backhanded compliment!

Amazingly, though, DuckBob did it. And thus became Guardian of the Matrix, which protects the cosmos from further invasion—as long as he’s plugged in. Literally.

But alien techie pal Ned just made the Matrix User Interface wireless. Suddenly, DuckBob is free again—the whole universe is at his alien-altered, webbed feet! Only problem is, could being unplugged mean he’s out of a job?

As a pick-me-up, Ned takes DuckBob to his homeworld—which looks just like Brooklyn. Odd changes are afoot, there, however—ones with potentially cosmic repercussions. Soon DuckBob finds himself struggling to stay alive. And to find lunch, which is equally important.

Can DuckBob conquer his doubt, rein in his freedom, and help save Ned’s world? Or will our avian-esque hero’s first unrestricted flight be the last—not just for him but for us all?

Praise for DuckBob:

“Aaron Rosenberg has that rare quality of making other writers read his work and earning their undying hatred because he’s coming up with stuff they wish they’d thought of.” —Peter David, New York Times bestselling author and bon vivant

“If you liked Douglas Adams, this is right in your wheelhouse!” —Michael Jan Friedman, New York Times bestselling author

“. . . a novel that should not be missed by anyone who considers himself a fan of humorous science-fiction.” —Unreality SF

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