The Witch and the Borscht Pearl




The Witch and the Borscht Pearl

By Angela Zeman

When Mrs. Risk’s widowed friend, Pearl Schrafft, former renowned Borscht Belt comedienne, finds herself suddenly destitute, she agrees to a comeback arranged by her long-time manager and now fiance, Solly. He organizes a live, Thanksgiving Day national TV special from a famous Catskills resort, guaranteed to put Pearl back on the road to fame.

Then Pearl’s famous Borscht Pearl necklace is stolen. But she has more to deal with than financial disaster, theft, and opening-night jitters when Solly’s attentions stray to her black-sheep sister. When Solly is poisoned during dessert at his engagement party, Mrs. Risk refuses to believe Pearl murdered him in a fit of jealous rage. But can she prove it before the killer strikes again?

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