The Whispers of Crows




The Whispers of Crows

By Dan Foley

Dan Foley, one of the horror genre’s best-kept secrets, presents The Whispers of Crows, his collection featuring new and previously published stories. In the author’s own words —

“A gathering of crows is called a murder. When they gather, they call to each other in loud raucous caws or low gurgling whispers. The whispers of crows in these pages involve murder and so much more. Within them you will meet Nathan, whose destiny requires him to spend his days gathering their secretes — Scooter, who can’t convince his best friend that he’s dead — Gordy, whose dead dad is an unwelcome guest on Father’s Day — and Pete, who keeps an annual Halloween date with a demon named Sam in a New Jersey graveyard.

These and twenty-three other tales await you, leave one light on, pull up a chair and enjoy.”

Stories included in this collection:
The Whispers of Crows
Roses for My Lady
Harold & Emily
The Sixth Victim
Mr. Buck’s Solution
Everybody’s Here for the Kill
Fat Tuesday
It’s All About the Ears
Kneeling at the Altar of Johnny Walker
Stolen Memories
The Hidden
Talking with Robert
Father’s Day at the Ridgeway Grill
Dreams of Love
Driving with Dad
Pumpkin Art
It’s in the Bag
Sang Ku’s Dilemma
Night Dreams
Old Men Smell Bad
A Window in Reality
The Yankee Cap
She Bit Me
The Winter Coat
Of Smoke and Snowflakes
The Merchant, the Witch and the Christmas Tree (or the Origin of the Blue Spruce)
The Man Who Stole Tomorrow

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