The Viperob Files




The Viperob Files

By Alister Hodge

In 2194, the excesses of the Petroleum Age has warmed the Earth, raising sea levels, causing massive social upheaval, and hideous mutations within the animal kingdom. Ethan lives on an island owned by Viperob, a powerful corporation that constructs military drones for the Australasian Army. As the sixteen-year-old child of a Viperob employee, Ethan’s education includes combat training to ensure the corporation has a private army to protect its own assets in time of war. When his father, Nikolai, discovers a plan to hand control of the military’s AI drones to a foreign power, he is murdered to suppress the information. Ethan, however, has been left a copy of the files in question. To bring this evidence to the Australasian Army and prevent a possible invasion, he will need to outwit a private security force led by the psychopathic Lieutenant Harris, survive mutated predators and escape Viperob’s island complex.

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