The Tides




The Tides

By Melanie Tem

Rebecca Emig, the twenty-eight-year old administrator of The Tides nursing home, is way out of her depth, both professionally and personally. Rapidly deteriorating with Alzheimer’s disease, her father, resident of the Tides, begins to call her by another name–‘Faye’–a name which she does not recognize, but which provokes a violent reaction in her mother. As Rebecca delves into her father’s past she learns that he was once married to a disturbed and dangerous woman who he now believes, even in his lucid moments, has returned.

Increasingly haunted by questions about this woman, Rebecca must also cope with a sequence of strange, sinister and fatal incidents, for which her father claims Faye is responsible. Desperate to stop these events spiraling out of control, yet sensing that an insidious force is possessing many of the already compromised personalities in her care, Rebecca finds that she, herself, is becoming more and more uncertain of where she came from and of who she really is.

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