The Temple of Camazotz




The Temple of Camazotz

By David Niall Wilson

Headless bodies are turning up along the Mexican border. The Mexican government blames overzealous US Border guards. The border guards blame drug runners. In a village just on the Mexican side of the border, they have other ideas. There are legends, older even than the Mayan civilization that has died away, of a God. A bat-headed vengeful demon. Someone is fanning the flames of that superstition, and the piles of bodies continue to grow.

Geoffrey Bullfinch, folklorist, dabbler in the occult, and Wendell “Mack” Macklemore, computer genius and extreme sports enthusiast are called down to investigate. There are plenty of questions, but can they find the answers before the body count gets too high? Is it possible that they should have let sleeping gods lie? Find out in this action-packed O.C.L.T. adventure. This novella, and “Brought to Light,” by Aaron Rosenberg are the first introductions to the members of the O.C.L.T. team. Next will be the full-length novel “The Parting,” also by David Niall Wilson, and then the creation of the actual team follows in Aaron Rosenberg’s “Insurrection”. Look for many adventures to come in this Crossroad Press original series.

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