The Taming of the Werewolf




The Taming of the Werewolf

By Sylvia Shults

“BEFORE I MET YOU, I NEVER KNEW WOLVES COULD SMILE…” Was ever any gentleman thus grieved as Baptista Minola? An Italian lord with two daughters, the youngest of which cannot be married until the elder, Katharina, is wed… AND THEREBY HANGS A TAIL…” Because Katharina is cursed. She has a fearsome temper and a sharp tongue. And even sharper teeth… KISS ME KATE, FOR WE WILL BE MARRIED ON SUNDAY…” I’LL SEE YOU EATEN ON SUNDAY!” Petruchio is determined to win her hand. A large dowry is a rich incentive indeed for this less-than-gentleman fromVerona, even if there are…issues… The sexual politics of Renaissance Italy succumb to the true nature of the beast within. This is Shakespeare with TEETH!

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