The Snakehole Man




The Snakehole Man

By Stephen Gresham

Nahollo Swamp is Hell itself.

Miss Jessica Lovelia De Gresse resides there, increasingly viewing herself as a devil, as a pathetic creature divided against herself and sentenced to suffer.

Having lost friends and family, her hopes for a meaningful future seemed bleak. Then, on the verge of becoming a ghost and haunting herself, she experienced the generous, validating love of a good man—Mr. Seep.

Yet, with this new love came new horrors.

Generating those horrors: a deranged artist who exercised an occult control of Mr. Seep and plunged Miss Jessica’s love into spiritual darkness.

She found that she must battle to protect and save the man she adored.

Against the backdrop of the indifferent, terrifying Nahollo Swamp, she summoned courage and waged war with a force of extraordinary madness—a monster known as The Snakehole Man.

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