The Seven Spears of the W’dch’ck




The Seven Spears of the W’dch’ck

by Charles L. Grant


In an age where real men eat quiche, Jerico Dove stands out like the proverbial odd duck. A man of wealth and experience who longs to fight the good fight and preserve justice, truth, and the American lifestyle, Jerico finds himself unwanted, ridiculed, and abused in a society that finds such virtues laughable. Jerico resolves to end his crime-fighting days—that is, until he is kidnapped on top of an elephant and spirited off into the wilds of New Jersey, of all places.

Jerico’s captors present him with an out-of-this-world opportunity… literally. Dove is given his heart’s desire: to go to the limits of his powers to help save a wondrous land from certain destruction—to be the man to save the day. And all he’s got to do is recover the Seven Holy Spears of the W’dch’ck, defeat an infinite array of the most malicious evils the world has ever seen, and stop the malevolent madman who’s behind it all.

A caped crusader’s work is never done.

(originally published as written by Lionel Fenn)

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