The Ryerson Biergarten Series




The Ryerson Biergarten Series

By T.M. Wright

The Changing
The first victim lived just long enough to describe his attack. First came a deep growling…then a sudden thrust for his throat. He died…convinced he’d been attacked by a werewolf. The grisly murders of Rochester’s huge film manufacturing complex puzzled Chief of Detectives Tom McCabe. A werewolf prowling the corridors of the huge facility…attacking middle-management level employees? Preposterous. But just to be on the safe side, he’d call in Ryerson H. Biergarten, the well-known parapsychologist. If Rye could deal with ghosts, he could catch a werewolf!

The Devouring
The entity is ancient. it has taken form before, in other places , other guises. This time the place is Buffalo. the form is that of a magnificent woman…created from the dreams of a child.
The eternal hunger is immense. The entity must feed. And it’s prey is human.
Psychic detective Ryerson Biertgarten is appalled at the savagery of the first killings. Far worse lies ahead, for the detective as well as the city. he is falling in love with a wonderful woman – but Joan will die – unless he can stop…The Devouring…

Goodlow’s Ghosts
Exploring the full potential of his psychic talents when a gateway opens between Earth and a menacing world, Ryerson Biergarten seeks to keep humans and ghosts in their proper dimensions while searching for a particular man’s killer.

The Ascending
Ryerson Biergarten is always willing to offer his psychic services to the forces of law and order. But when he tries to help the police find a serial killer who is stalking victims in one of the tallest buildings in the world, he is met with distrust and suspicion.
As Ryerson follows the psychic path of the killer, joined only by a budding psychic who wants to be his Watson, he faces obstacles at every step – and the body count keeps rising.
Ryerson knows well the mysterious border between life and death, but this time he needs the earthly help the police refuse to give. This time he fears he is dealing with an evil beyond his powers: possession.

Harry Briggs led a fairly normal life. He had a good job, a nice house, and a beautiful wife named Barbara, with whom he was very much in love. Then he died. that’s when Harry’s story really began. That’s when he found himself in a strange little town called Silver Lake.
In Silver Lake, nothing is normal. In Silver Lake Harry has become a detective, tough and silent, hot on the trail of a missing woman and a violent madman. But the town itself is an enigma. It’s a shadowy twilight town, filled with ghostly figures that seem to be playing according to someone else’s rules. Harry has unwittingly brought other things with him to this eerie realm. Things like uncertainty, fear…and death.

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