The Restless Dead




The Restless Dead

By Hugh B. Cave

A curse lingers over the Eversol mansion — a voodoo curse, born of evil, steeped in blood. The tormented family who lives in the house of horrors is beset by insanity, visions . . . and death. They have shut themselves off from the world, allowing no one to trespass on their blighted property. No one except Jeff Gordon, a university professor with a special knowledge of voodoo and the occult. Reluctantly, in desperation, the Everol family has permitted Gordon to enter the mansion. But all Gordon’s experience could never prepare him for the unearthly creatures that await him there — or the ultimate terror of the mysterious caves beneath the house.

“Hugh B. Cave is one of the grandest of the Grandmasters of horror fiction.” — Rave Reviews

“Hugh B. Cave is a living legend. His voice can be heard in everything from Richard Laymon to David Niall Wilson.” — Masters of Terror

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