The Quickening




The Quickening

By Raymond van Over

(previously published as Purgatory’s Gate)

After healthy young Debra Miller dies giving birth, guilt-ridden Dr. David Monroe’s secret investigation uncovers a terrifying world where madness and violence reign.

Our deepest, darkest dreams of hell on earth are about to become reality. With the help of a disillusioned priest, Monroe has to confront the never-ending battle between good and evil lurking in the human mind and find those who would do anything, no matter how ruthless, to fulfill their fanatic religious beliefs—before his blood is sacrificed next.


“Raymond van Over’s [novel] has it all: human interest, suspense, and passion. A complex plotline that weaves slowly into a spider’s web of intrigue and supernatural terror. Possibly the best story of the satanic since Blatty’s The Exorcist.” — James A. Moore, author of the Serenity Falls trilogy

“Here’s a work which harkens back to the classic Gothic writers of horror. The opening scene of an unexpected death in the obstetrics ward alone gave me a bad case of tachycardia, but what distinguishes [this novel] is Raymond van Over’s attention to characterization throughout the book—touching and successfully exploiting that morbid streak which runs through us all. A grand show, executed with taut pacing and nice literary flourishes. Enjoy…” —C. Gardner,

“Captivating, thrilling and shocking, [The Quickening] makes for a great read…and a good reason to be afraid of the dark. I couldn’t put this one down. The plot is engaging and frightening at the same time…The book has the perfect thriller, sensuality, and horror mix. I highly recommend it, but think twice before reading it late at night!” —

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