The Psychic World of Bishop Pike




The Psychic World of Bishop Pike

By Hans Holzer

The Psychic World of Bishop Pike is traced here from his early years to his death—and even beyond—by the country’s most notable parapsychologist, Hans Holzer. According to Psychic Magazine, Holzer is “at the top of the list in the popular field” in dealing with psychic research subjects. From personal interviews with the late Bishop and on-the-spot investigations of psychic experiences. Hans Holzer has written about Bishop’s encounters with the world of spirits and ghosts as well as communications beyond the grave.

In this firsthand report by a scientifically trained investigator we learned for the first time of Bishop Pikes’s early repression and his continuing involvements with such matters—seemingly against his wishes – as well as the traumatic experiences of direct contact with this dead son, James Jr. And his gradually growing conviction that death is not the end. Most of this material has never been published, not even by the Bishop himself.

Even before sudden death came to James Pike in the desert, psychics all over the world started to come forth with their impressions of the bishop’s strange disappearance and violent demise. Hans Holzer here analyzes this material, most of which came from mediums and psychic people working exclusively with him. A challenging picture of death under mysterious circumstances and possibility of foul play emerges from these disturbing psychic reports: Hans Holzer puts them together and presents the psychic evidence, pointing out that things may not have been what they seemed at first.

Finally, in a dramatic confrontation, the author makes contact with the spirit of Bishop himself through the trance mediumship of eminent medium Ethel Johnson Meyers.

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