The Preacher’s Marsh




The Preacher’s Marsh

By David Niall Wilson

(Excerpted from the novel Gideon’s Curse)

Gideon Swayne is a man of God. He’s spent his life in a peaceful town in southern Illinois tendng a very quiet, happy congregation. With the war in the South ending, and the slaves freed, Gideon is called to a new mission. He goes south – the cotton fields of North Carolina – to take the word of God to the newly free.

What he didn’t count on was the hatred of the citizens of Old Mill, North Carolina…the love of a swamp witch named Desdemona … the friendship of a young boy…and a life that would challenge his faith and his sanity, show him darkness and magic such as he’d never witnessed, and lead him down the darkest paths through men’s hearts.

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