The Portal




The Portal

By Brock Deskins

Drew and his friends are your quintessential nerds until one night, in an effort to create the proper ambiance for the evening’s role playing game, Drew accidentally opens a magical portal using a powerful spell from an ancient druidic tome and is pulled into another world.

It is up to his friends and older brother to cross over and rescue him from the clutches of evil. Drew’s natural tendency to fight authority soon shows his captors that they may have gotten more than they bargained for.

The unlikely heroes must learn to fight and work together in order to rescue their friend from the clutches of Lord Darkrell, an evil wizard who seeks to find a way to travel to another world to bring back weapons with which to conquer this one. In their quest to save Drew, they may just be giving it to him.

The Portal is a fun, light romp full of action and humor suitable for most readers.

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