The Porcupine Boy & Others




The Porcupine Boy & Other Anthological Oddities

Edited by Christopher M. Jones

STORIES BY: Priya Sharma, Brian Evenson, Lucy Snyder, Keith Minnion, Janet Joyce Holden, Elizabeth Massie , Meryl Stanhouse, Jeffrey Thomas, Gary McMahon

An investigative journalist uncovers the horrifying secret behind a legendary Hollywood family.

After an accident, a bus driver is faced with a horrible choice.

A group of skydivers face a winged terror from above.

An art dealer is haunted by a portrait of a red-haired woman in a green dress.

A son is reunited with his father, thirty years after his death.

THE PORCUPINE BOY AND OTHER ANTHOLOGICAL ODDITIES is an anthology of dark fiction containing fourteen never-before-published stories by some of the genre’s best writers.



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