The Planet Killer




The Planet Killer

By David Bischoff & Saul Garnell

The Classic Series enters NOW Space.

When last we left our heroes they were trapped in a strange dimension with strange aliens and stranger relationships.

Laura Shemzak? Still hot and ready to party… But with her handsome brother Calspar? Um, time to cool those rockets!

And the Federation? Up to their dystopian mischief. It only that damned Tars Northern, his ship the STARBOW and their crew — including Laura and Cal Shemzak could — could be captured. But there’s a joker in this new deck. The joker is dead serious, though — a brain that used to be a man named Dr. Harla Zox, packing a new sinister power in his starship, fresh from destroying the planet that had once harbored him.

Cult favorite David Bischoff returns to the starways, aided and abetted by hot new science fiction talent Saul Garnell to bring you old fashioned space opera thrills enough to rattle any modern tractor beam!

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