The Phases of Harry Moon




The Phases of Harry Moon

By Thomas Sullivan

Harry Moon romps through time right into your heart in this baroque and bawdy, delicious and daring, sexy and sinful contemporary-historical novel.

Journey from then to now with the Moon brothers: Nicki—who was born to be a gangster and loves activities such as breaking kneecaps; Stu—who adores women’s clothing, so much so, in fact, that he wears dresses whenever possible; Stanley—who likes stimulants, depressants, and any other drug he can get hold of; and, finally, Harry—one of the greatest heroes since Don Quixote saw his first windmill.

This perfectly paced blending of comedy and drama is a novel that reaches to the heart of life itself. Four eccentric brothers move toward four parallel fates that echo the destinies of four eccentric ancestors. On the way they encounter sexual blackmail, petty crime, political radicalism, space-age illness, and last but ever so much more than least, maturation and purpose—disguised and hard to recognize to be sure, but theirs all the same.

The Phases of Harry Moon is violent and tender, inspired and earthy, and Harry himself is one of the most endearing, mad, and moving characters of fiction in the last decade. Harry Moon is a hero for everyone, and his world is our world—full of laughter and sighing and the bright if tenuous light of understanding.


Praise for The Phases of Harry Moon

“One is convinced that an outsize performer is trying his wings – a John Barth or a John Irving, with a touch of William Gaddis and maybe a dash of Kurt Vonnegut Jr.” – The Chicago Tribune

“…a joy to read.” – The Associated Press

“…reads like lightning.” – Detroit Monthly

“Where Sullivan belongs is on the best-seller lists.” – Doug Allyn, Flint Journal

“…Thomas Sullivan is a national treasure.” – Loren D. Estleman, Author

“Trying to pigeonhole Thomas Sullivan would be like calling Hemingway an outdoor writer or Fitzgerald the kind of glamour and glitz.  He’s that good, moving effortlessly from one literary landscape to another, his cast of wonderful characters in tow.” – Lowell Cauffiel, author MASQUERADE and MARKER

“The man writes like silk feels.” – Michael Paulle, Columnist/Critic

“Thomas Sullivan has a way with words like few other writers.  He could make the back of a cereal box sound interesting.” – Alan Russell, Best-Selling Author

“Thomas Sullivan is one of the best writers out there…” – Jennifer Hairfield, Author & Reviewer

“…a writer with considerable gifts for language and style.” – Nate Kenyon, Author & Reviewer

“When you read THE PHASES OF HARRY MOON, you’ll quickly recognize that he [Sullivan] turns a phrase with the ease of Ozzie Smith turning a double play.” – Detroit Free Press

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