The Outliers




The Outliers

By Rob & Trish MacGregor

An outlier is something or someone that lies outside of the main group that it’s a part of. In this collection of short stories, the outliers are people who don’t fit into our consensus reality. They’re anomalies, weirdos, individuals whose experiences are vastly different from the rest of us. And yet, they are us in their humanity, their emotions, and in their curiosity that asks, What if? The stories begin with a novella in which a paranormal investigator looks into a bizarre story about a secret federal law enforcement team that pursues their cases while out-of-body. It ends with the story of a First Lady who hold seances in the White House. In between are more tales of outliers, more strangeness.

Included in this collection:

Spinning Out, a Novella
The Unit
A Very Thin, Thin Line
A Gambler’s Superstition
The Works
Devil’s Chair
Wild Card

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