The New Pagans




The New Pagans

By Hans Holzer

From New York to California, in big cities and rural towns, Hans Holzer — author of twenty-six books on psychic phenomena – has investigated the country’s most intriguing phenomenon: pagan mystery cults based upon ancient religions. The New Pagans is Mr. Holzer’s first-hand account of these fascinating rites based upon the use of natural magic. He gathered his facts from personal knowledge and participation in many strange and compelling ceremonies and rituals and describes them all in detail – rites of the worshippers of the Egyptian Isis, the Mesopotamian Astarte, Baal, the Sabaeans of pre-Roman Spain, and the Masters of Tibet. He shows why the New Pagans may well be the people of tomorrow, why so many of the young turn from orthodox religions to the more vital native cults. Throughout this vivid narrative, interspersed with never-before published prayers and incantations, Hans Holzer reveals the power behind the pagan ritual, what magic is, and how it accomplishes things.

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