The Methuselah Gene




The Methuselah Gene

By Jonathan Lowe

Meet Alan Dyson, a research scientist experimenting with the longevity effects of a newly discovered bristlecone pine tree gene. He thinks he’s being watched and followed. He’s right. When his secret formula is stolen, and all notes are wiped from his computer, his friend–the firm’s computer programmer–secretly tracks the thief to a P.O. Box in Zion, Iowa. Under suspicion, and with his project canceled due to a bizarre death, Alan visits Zion to discover that he’s not the only stranger in town, and that someone has been using the residents as guinea pigs in a chilling medical experiment. In a dangerous gambit to expose whoever is hiding the truth, he solicits help from the police, and is arrested instead. Now, only a young woman hiding there under the Witness Protection Program can help him escape. But can he convince her to join forces to uncover this conspiracy of silence involving the potential for immortality? Because whoever is behind it all has made an astonishing discovery of Biblical proportions, and is murdering everyone to cover their tracks.

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