The Man Who Dealt in Blood




The Man Who Dealt in Blood

By George Wolk

It is 1947. The Jews in Palestine face extinction. In desperation, they send an envoy to Blume, the czar of organized crime in the U.S.A.—the one man in the world who can get them arms!

How does a kid from the Lower East Side become so powerful a crime figure that he holds a nation’s fate in his hands? This wide-ranging novel tells the whole story—how Marcus Blume climbed over the bodies of men less shrewd with maneuvers, money and murder, to become the Napoleon of Essex Street. And it traces his violent and meteoric career to the topmost echelon of the underworld. It is the inside story of the rackets and racketeers from New York to Hollywood, the intimate story of THE MAN WHO DEALT IN BLOOD.

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